I’ll be back…

You’ve probably noticed my lack of posts since my lip fillers… I’ve had such a hectic few months with breaking my back and recovering… Hospital appointments, physio therapy, doctors check ups. And I’ve also been able to enjoy myself for a change lately!! 
But. That said. I’ll be back on Sunday with a post!! 

Can’t wait!! 

Love you all

Lip Fillers

I finally did it!!!! 

I took the plunge and finally had lip fillers.

It’s been something that’s been on my mind for years and years and yesterday I finally did it. 

The main reason I wanted my lips done was to balance out my upper lip. I have an underbite and I’ve always been self conscious of my lower jaw sticking out when I turn to the side. It bugged me for years and I actually was told I could have jaw surgery to correct it, but this seemed like a way less drastic, less painful, and less dramatic procedure! 

These are my lips pre-fillers, as you can see my lower lip/jaw sticks out slightly further than my lower and I had a short upper lip. 

And this is a view from the front pre-fillers…

As you can see my bottom lip is quite a bit bigger than my top, I also have very uneven lips on one side. 

I have looked around for years to find a clinic I liked, I’ve scoured the web, stalked Instagram and asked a few people I know who have lip fillers where they had theirs done. I eventually decided last year that I had found the clinic for me. 

I went with a company called The Consultant Clinic, who do clinics across the UK. I have been obsessing over their Instagram for at least 10 months and I chose them because I was confident that they would be able to give me a natural looking filler.

My consultation was scheduled for 5:30pm yesterday, and I had emailed and asked what would happen in the consult prior to going. I was told it would be a discussion with the Doctor about what I wanted to achieve and then I could also have the treatment on the same day if I wanted to. 

Being deathly afraid of needles I liked the fact that I could have it done on the day because I knew if I had the chance to go home and obsesses about someone sticking needles in my lips I would be more likely to not go through with it.

I arrived about ten minutes early, filled in a medical history form, similar to when I had my BA, and then I went in to see the doctor. 

The clinic I chose is unique because it is a clinic made up solely of doctors. These are not beauticians who have gone on a course to be able to do this, they are qualified doctors, which was what swayed me to use them.

I was greeted by two doctors, who were absolutely brilliant. They both discussed between them back and forth what they would do to my lips, different amounts, and looked at my face from different angles. They then decided that I would be best getting 1ml of filler, mostly in my top lip, but a little in the bottom just to balance things out as if I had only had it in my top lip it would look odd.

I then had the filler.

I was numbed up with dental needles in my gums around my lips, which I am sooooo glad they did… I can actually handle dental needles. The dental block would last for 90 minutes. 

Once I was numb Dr Raphael began injecting the filler. Now. I’m not going to lie, it does hurt. But it’s more of a sting. And it’s definitely bareable, also the filler actually contains a numbing agent so as time passes you don’t feel it as much.

So like I said I had 1ml, mainly in my upper lip, and a small amount in my lower to balance it out. Once the filler was injected Dr Raphael massaged my lips to distribute all the filler and get rid of any lumps.

And these are the results… 

In this first photo my lips are slightly swollen, this has decreased, I’m not a ‘sweller’ so to speak anyway, and the swelling had already started going down within an hour of leaving the clinic. 

You can already see the massive difference in my side profile. 
These next photos are stacked photos of pre and post fillers, I iced my lips a little this morning as they were sore, sort of a bruised feeling, but this will decrease over the next 48 hours, and I am SO pleased with how they look!!

As you can see they are way more even looking now and from the side my jaw finally looks balanced. 

I cannot wait to see what the final result looks like… I love them already!!

The fillers will last 6-9 months and will then dissolve naturally. 

Will do an update in a few days for sure!! 


Love you all


Lip Fillers – Take Two

Okay so, before Christmas you may have seen me post that I had a consultation booked for lip fillers but had to cancel due to work.

Well… Next Friday I have booked a consultation. I am SO excited. I have also been told that you can actually have the treatment on the day if you so wish. 

I don’t know whether I will or not as I am a huge wimp with needles but then I also think the best way to have them is to not have a long wait/build up before them. It works with my contraceptive injection, it don’t work in hospital hahaha but. Who knows. 

I’ve been obsessing over them for a long time now and I’m of course going to blog the whole thing!! 

The place I chose is a place that have clinics in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle as well as in the UAE. I hunted for what felt like forever for a clinic I felt did nice natural looking lip fillers. And I am pretty sure I found the best. 

It’s called ‘The Consultant Clinic’ and if you’re interested check out their Instagram they have some unbelievable photos of procedures they’ve done on there it’s just @consultant_clinic 

I had to pay £30.77 for my deposit for the appointment and should I choose to have my lips done on Friday that will cost £300. I don’t mind paying a little bit more for better work. I’ve seen lots of different people who one are not plastic surgeons they are simply beauticians who offer the service, and two who charge £100- £150 but don’t look as natural. 

I literally have spent hours on their Instagram just lusting over their lip fillers. They also offer other treatments such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, Botox and tear trough fillers. Seriously their Instagram is like cosmetic porn haha!!

I’m so excited but also super nervous. Would love to hear about anyone else’s experince with lip fillers too!!

More booby posts planned also, just had a lot on my plate with my broken back… Which I can now update you has finally healed!! I had my last set of X Ray’s two days ago and I am absolutely over the moon to be out my back brace and starting physio in two weeks. 

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and support. You all rock.

Will update you about the lips next week
Love you all


Broken Back Blues…


I didn’t really know what to call this post… or if i’ll even post it because i do try to keep the blog a happy place… but sometimes you just need to write things down, get them off your chest…

April. It has not been a great month.
As a rule, i am the kind of person, who always makes everyone laugh or tries to make others feel better.. I am the joker of my family, the entertainer, i guess that has something to do with my career choice. I tend to bottle everything up and then explode all at once, and with my accident, i did exactly that.

Although i am physically going to be fine eventually, and i am VERY lucky that i can still walk, and thankful for this, it has been hard mentally.

I try not to talk about it to people, because i know its temporary and i’m going to be okay in the end, despite it being a long road to recovery.And i don’t want people to judge me and say i’m being dramatic because, yes i am going to be okay, in the end… But when your whole life revolves around something, or something is a massive part of your life, and that thing gets taken away from you and is out of your control, it does affect your mental well being.

Before my accident i was extremely independent, i always have been, i was literally never at home, i was almost always out the house. Always doing something, be it walking, the gym, aerial, circus, out with friends… i was rarely home and i never stopped. Part of this is because i am generally an active person. I have always danced since i was little, and i love exercising… but part of it was because my ex boyfriend, the one who i was with for years, left. We split because he wanted to go travelling with a friend, and it’s been hard to accept and come to terms with. So part of me always being busy, for months on end, was because i was trying not to let the pain of him leaving get to me.

I went from doing all that… to being bed bound for weeks, in and out of hospital all the time, x rays allllll the time, pain all the time, not being able to walk properly… Small things get to you the most, like not being able to put your own socks on, not being able to bend down to get something out the bottom shelf in the fridge, having to rely on others to do things for me. The things i used to do so easily, that now i can’t, there’s just a huge list. My legs shook so badly when i attempted the stairs… this didn’t stop me, but it’s things like that, things you take for granted every single day, that i suddenly couldn’t do anymore.

I know… it could have been worse, i could have damaged my spinal cord and never ever walked again… but this doesn’t mean that whats happened to me isn’t hard.

Sometimes it’s just hard. And dealing with all this without the person you love by your side, makes it harder. When the only person you want, the person you want to tell things to, to give you a big cuddle and tell you everything is going to be okay, when that person isn’t there anymore, it’s hard.

When they told me in hospital that i didn’t need surgery, and that i could have a brace for 3 months, and would be able to walk normally again, dance again. I actually cried, something i rarely do. My spinal consultant left my bay, and i cried. And then when i told my mum when she arrived at visiting, i cried again. It’s so cliche and people say it constantly, but you literally never know what’s going to happen.

I had plans on this being one of the best years of my life, and it changed in a split second. I wanted to be off on a cruise ship dancing/singing/ doing aerial. Travelling the world. Instead, one split second of movement the wrong way, and everything changed. And that’s hard. Really hard some days. Some are worse than others and i cry a lot. But i just keep reminding myself of what could have been. Sure things have been bad, but i could have never had the chance to walk again. Never been able to dance again. And that thought does bring a small glimmer of happiness back when things are bad.

But, this being said, i am going to make it my mission to come back after this stronger and better than before. After physio of course. I want to look back a year from now and be really truly happy. Not just fleetingly, for a few days a week. I want to be really happy.

Everything happens for a reason, even if the reason isn’t always clear to begin with.

“The important thing is not to be bitter over life’s disappointments. Learn to let go of the past… and recognize that everyday won’t be sunny. And when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair… remember it’s only in the black of night you can see the stars, and those stars will lead you back home. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble, to fall, cause most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you’ll get everything you wish for… Maybe you’ll get more than you ever could have imagined… Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end… the journey is the destination”


Monthly Goals: May

April flew by for me, considering i’ve been unable to get up and about much, and have spent basically every day at home, it flew. Which surprises me because usually when you’re doing nothing time drags.

April Goals…

  1. Be out of my back brace. – Almost there!! Few more weeks left.
  2. Reach my savings goal for this month. – DONE
  3. Write at least five blog posts. – Almost… 4 posts for April!
  4. Be walking completely normally again. – SMASHED IT
  5. Start physiotherapy. – Not just yet… 4 weeks till i do though!
  6. Eat healthier. – Okay so… failed at this one!
  7. Write down one thing i like about myself every single day. – I forgot :/
  8. Finish my list of films to watch whilst out of work with my back. – I added some so not quite through this but… 41 films down… and 3 seasons of Greys Anatomy amongst other shows!!
  9. Read two books. – I read one… How To Fall In Love – Cecelia Ahern, absolutely amazing, loved it!
  10. BE HAPPIER – Hmmm, i half did this… things started out well but i’ve been hit with a wave of… i don’t even know what to describe it as because i don’t think i have depression, i just feel down lately, i have had a lot going on and it all gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. I try to power through though… maybe this month!!

My Goals for this month are as follows…

  1. Be completely out of my back brace!!
  2. Continue saving money
  3. Stop shopping online so much!!!!
  4. Eat Healthier – but really do it this time.
  5. Read two books – and really do this one too…
  6. Try and be positive every day.
  7. Drive – i am SO scared to drive but by the end of the month i want to have done it!
  8. Write more blog posts!
  9. Start exercising again – lightly: walks and swimming

So, only 8 this month. Like i said last time, you don’t have to set 10. Setting too many goals, as you can see, makes achieving them difficult…. that said, 9 this month, and i’m going to TRY my hardest to achieve them! I think i might do a separate post on how i feel, i know this is a boob job blog, but sometimes you just need to get things off your chest… no pun intended haha!!

I hope May is good to everyone, and that if you, like me, feel down, we have a happier month.


Love always,




Good News… Finally!!

I know this is a boob job blog but. As most of you know, at the end of February I had an accident during circus/aerial training, involving me falling from a height and landing on my neck. The result of this accident was me breaking five of my vertebrae… Waaaaaayyyy more painful than my boob job haha!! 

The last I updated you guys I think was when I had just come home from hospital after spending five days there. I was fitted with a back brace, which makes my boobs look HUGE haha and told I would have to wear it every day for 3 months. 

I’m not sure if I mentioned but I have to go back to the hospital for X Ray’s every few weeks to make sure everything is healing correctly. And I just had my latest set today!! 

I am SO happy, my spinalconsultant said that my spine is healing up nicely and I am already able to start weening myself off the brace!!!! It’s been 8 weeks since my accident so I’m healing up quickly, he said this is because I am young and younger people’s bones heal faster. So now I can start my day without it on, and then when I start getting pain, which usually happens after 3-4 hours, I have to put the brace back on. This is absolutely brilliant news for me as you can imagine! 

I’m also allowed to start very very light exercise… Such as going for walks and things like that. I’m not allowed to lift any weights or anything to do with weights for another 6-8 weeks. Which is when I will be starting physio!! 

Driving is a bit of murky territory still, he said ‘if you are in pain. No. If you are in the brace. No. If you have no pain and aren’t wearing the brace. You may drive if neccesary’. I am still in pain at the moment so I’m going to leave the driving for a few more weeks I think. But. I’m excited to get my freedom back!!

My next set of X Ray’s is in four weeks and then I have more the week after. Then physio will begin!! Very exciting. 

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. To know that everything is healing properly is just amazing and I consider myself extremely lucky every single day that I can walk and that I miraculously missed damaging my spinal cord. 

I know it’s not boob related. And I do have a post in the pipe line but so many of you sent me lovely emails wishing me well I thought it only right to update you all!! 

Here’s to the first major step in my recovery!!!! 



Oh and PS


Cup Sizes vs CC Amount

cc amount

Hey heyyy!! Today is a gorgeous day so i’m actually sat outside in my garden with a cuppa and thought it was the perfect time to write a blog post!

Today’s topic is something that i can’t stress enough to people whenever they ask me about my huge cup size, so i thought i would dedicate a whole post to it… It’s not going to be a long one but it is very important when you’re having a boob job that you keep this in mind, and i feel like people forget it so easily…


Okay so, what do i mean by this?
Often when people go in for a consultation, i did this too before i gained all my boob job knowledge, when asked what sort of size we want to go for we often say something along the lines of ‘i want to be a D cup’ or ‘I was thinking i want to be a big C/ small D’. We all do it. And that’s fine. But what i often get is people saying to me, well i thought i would be a D cup and i’m getting the same CC amount as you and you’re a FF and that’s huge i didn’t want to be that big.

First of all you must get yourself out of the mindset of thinking a certain CC amount equates to a set cup size. Eg don’t think 375cc is a d cup….
375cc on one person might be a FF cup (like me) but on another it may be a D, it might even be a large C. It is impossible to say what cup size you will come out at. I got told i would probably be about a DD. And look at me with my FF’s. That all comes down to band size…

I have a 30 inch back. Quite small, so, my 375cc implants took me to a 30FF. But when you compare that with the corresponding sizes with bigger band measurements, a 30FF is the same as a 32F, 34E, 36DD… so what sounds huge, is because of my small back. If i had a 34 back i would be an E cup.

What you get out of your CC may differ to someone getting the same amount… and what i mean by this is that 375cc may go a long way on one person, ie it might sit differently and look bigger or smaller, compared to how it would on another… tall people usually eat up cc’s, therefore they may have to go for a bigger cc amount to achieve the same look as someone with less… Your build contributes a lot to how your implants will look, and unless you have every single exact measurement the exact same as someone else, chances are your breasts, even though they may be the same cc amount, will look different.

Of course it’s okay to compare stats to people getting the same size implants, there are chances they could look similar and it can help you get a gauge for the sort of look your implants may give you, but CC size is not the same as cup size. I feel like i can’t stress it enough haha… They’re just not the same thing. So many different factors contribute to your cup size, your back measurement, your rib cage; does it make the implants sit further out, how much breast tissue you have prior to surgery, it isn’t all down to CC amount, and i just want you to remember that when you’re googling away and you see for example that i have 30FF breasts with 375cc and think woahhhh that is enormous… when in actual fact i have the look of a DD and the CC amount does not correspond to my cup size. It may be a 34DD on you or even a 34D.

That’s one last thing i’m going to mention on this topic… to achieve the look of a D/DD, the surgeon will usually recommend what he/she thinks will create this look. Again i emphasize the word look because what looks like a DD, may in fact measure a FF, or an E. So please please please if you take anything from my blog let the main thing be this


The quicker you shake yourself out of thinking like this, the better life will be… haha i’m kidding, it’s just really important to remember and i know people can get scared off when they see that 375cc made me a FF, but that doesn’t mean 375cc = FF.

I really hope i’ve explained this well, and that i don’t sound too much like i’m having a go at people who think this way. Before i had my BA, i also thought implants were measured in cup size, so you’re not alone in thinking like this. Just try and shake yourself out of it before you get your BA. And when you go for your consultation saying.. i want to have the look of a DD, is better than saying i want to be a DD. You may come out feeling disappointed!

I’m really loving creating content for the blog right now, i feel like i’m getting my blogging mojo back, and i have some exciting posts lined up in the future… a first for BBJ, i will be featuring someone else’s story on my blog! Super exciting and i’m so glad to have this opportunity to share with you guys! Two sets of boobs are better than one ;).



Best Stores/Sites for Bras D/DD+


Aloha Ladies!! If you’re just joining us, hello, if you’re a regular reader, welcome back!!

Since getting my boobs done i have developed a liking, okay obsession, with buying bras and underwear. I always loved lingerie but i never used to buy nice sets because i always personally felt like a boy in them pre BA. Fortunately now i’ve had my surgery, i no longer feel this way and i am confident buying all the lingerie…

The only problem is… i have an awkward bra size. Awkward being small back, huge cup… my back size is 30 and my cup size is a FF, which can make buying bras from regular stores extremely difficult. Often i go into a shop, see a gorgeous lacey bra, only to discover the smallest/biggest size it does is 32DD.
Now i have on some occasions, when i’ve been absolutely besotted with the bra in question, committed the ultimate offence in bra shopping and… brace yourselves… bought the wrong size bra… just so i could buy it. I know… i’m an asshole… i admit. But some of them are just so f***ing gorgeous i can’t walk past them. Admittedly these bras never get as much wear as the ones that actually fit me correctly, because the band rides up, the cups don’t fit right… all of the issues women have when we buy the wrong size. It’s not a hanging offence so please do not fill my inbox or comments with information about why wearing the incorrect bra size is terrible, we all do it… i know you do too… yes i’m looking at you…

So, where do i shop for bras i hear you ask? Most people will be sat there saying ‘but theres always DD+ collections in most shops‘… have you ever noticed something about said collections… they’re never usually that sexy are they? It’s as though some of these designers think anyone with a cup size of D or above does not ever want to look sexy in her underwear or only wants maximum support for her puppies all the time… Well newsflash, we don’t. We want to look sexy, sometimes i want to wear a nice lacey number without having 3 inch wide straps ruining the look… And don’t even get me started on triangle/ non wired bras with S/M/L sizing… WHAT ABOUT ME WITH MY TINY BACK AND HUGE CUP?! A generic small size will fit my back but probably cover half of my nipple with the cup and there’s nothing sexy about that is there? So… let me share my secrets with you…

(remember all my links open in a separate window so if you’re browsing and want to open something for later, i’ve made things easier for you)

Boux Avenue
First up is Boux Avenue… my absolute FAVOURITE underwear shop for my odd size. Most of their bras are available in DD-G cup, and their back sizes go down to a 28, absolutely brilliant. They even go up to a 40G, and the appearance of the bra isn’t compromised!!  I would seriously recommend anyone who hasn’t been fitted professionally to go and do so at Boux Avenue… their staff are always wonderful, their range of bigger cup sizes is equally as gorgeous as the smaller ones, and they’re not going to break your bank. They always have offers on for sets too… my number one lingerie store!! They fit/measure snug but i prefer this to the other stores i was sized in as its more supportive and feels better.

ASOS are also a great contender for me… their range currently seems to be quite small for some reason, but is still gorgeous. They fit true to size and are always super comfortable. I always go to asos after Boux if i can’t find what i’m looking for there then ASOS usually have it. They also have at the moment, the currently popular harness style bras in stock, which are usually in the dreaded S/M/L sizing format in most stores but here they do them in DD-G! I can only assume the range is condensed at the moment because its that whole spring/summer crossover/sale period. Check back for updates and more ranges!!

Okay, so i was a bit skeptical about including this company because i know a vast majority of my readers are from the USA or the UK, and Evollove is a brand in Australia (you lucky ladies). However, you can get hold of some of this brand on ASOS and some department stores in the UK such as House of Fraser or Debenhams, though ASOS has the biggest selection. Their underwear is just absolutely gorgeous, and if it were available more easily in the UK it would definitely be my first choice. You Aus girls are super lucky!! Super comfy and they come in gorgeous designs no matter the size. Brilliant!

Pour Moi
Okay so, Pour Moi, bit hit and miss for me… their range of swimwear for fuller busts is in my opinion better than some of their bras, but… still as great brand. They’re available on FigLeaves, BraStop, Next, ASOS, Very and SimplyBeach for their swimwear… extremely easily to get hold of, and some of their styles are gorgeous! They fit nicely, and they wash nice as well!!

These are just four of my go to places where i buy my bras from. I do occasionally use other shops such as New Look, Ann Summers, and i do own a few Victoria’s Secret bras, in the wrong size, oops, these are just my personal picks.

Let me know yours!! When leaving a comment, you don’t have to use your real name, you can use an alias, i know some people can be put off by having to sign up for things to post a comment, but that isn’t the case with my blog i promise!

I hope you enjoyed this post, i loved writing it, and i may have purchased more bras during the process of getting the hyperlinks for the sites… oops.

Until the next post!

Love always





Monthly Goals: April


Something a little different for BBJ but i always see posts like this and i LOVE them! Since my accident and feeling more positive about life in general i want to make monthly goals like this all the time. So here goes… By the end of April i want to…

  1. Be out of my back brace.
  2. Reach my savings goal for this month.
  3. Write at least five blog posts.
  4. Be walking completely normally again.
  5. Start physiotherapy.
  6. Eat healthier.
  7. Write down one thing i like about myself every single day.
  8. Finish my list of films to watch whilst out of work with my back.
  9. Read two books.

Your goals don’t have to be huge big scary goals to accomplish. Mine aren’t. Tailor your goals to you. Don’t set unrealistic goals, or you will never achieve them… i know because i used to do this haha!! It can be something as little as ‘finish that TV series’, or as big as ‘sort out a mortgage’ anything you want. You don’t have to set 10. Set 2, 3, 4 even just one goal accomplished is good in my eyes!! Happy April everyone. Hope it’s a good one for us all!!



Change is coming…

logog 2
Heyyy Everyone!! Me again… three posts in the space of a few days… i know… i’ve even shocked myself haha!! I have another two scheduled so please check back for them!!

Ooh and don’t forget if you click ‘follow’ you’ll get an email every time a new post is published on http://www.boobjobjourney.com
And i get to read your lovely blogs too (if you have one)!

Anyway… stay on topic… there may be some noticeable changes over the course of the next week or so… the blog has had the same look for a good year now, and while i feel it has served me well, i also feel like a change. A fresh new look for the blog. It really makes me feel excited about creating content for the blog when i’m happy with the appearance. Now i’ve purchased my own domain i get to be a bit more creative with things, and i really hope you guys like the new look i’m hoping to create!

The most noticeable thing is going to be the colours and imagery. The layout will remain the same (i think) but i’ve decided to go for some brighter colours that make things stand out more. I was feeling like the old blog looked a bit flat and pastel and i felt like brightening things up a bit!

The next noticeable change is the menu at the top. It no longer is cluttered with all my different categories… but have no fear… they’re all still there, now just organised tidily away underneath Pre Op and Post Op… i feel like things were looking cluttered and a bit messy with all the different categories so i created drop downs instead.

And once again… don’t forget you can use the search feature at the top left of the screen above my ‘About Me’ widget if there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Wow. That was a lot of information haha! Basically what i’m trying to say is please bare with me over the next week or so while i adjust things on the site… it shouldn’t ever go down, fingers crossed, but if it does… have no fear it’s just me playing about with the appearance!!