Did my boobs seriously look like that… part two

Okay so what fun is a boob job blog with no progress pictures?! I’m always a little bit dubious about putting full frontal boobity pictures up. But nipple censoring has come a long way so I thought the least I could do was show you my boobs again?

Don’t get me wrong my pre-op pancakes weren’t hideously ghastly or anything, but I actually did think at the time they were a little bigger than they are in the photos… I guess that’s what happens after years of trying to convince yourself ‘they’re not that small…

I can’t exactly remember when the pictures where taken. And I know for sure that my final post op appointment pics aren’t there because I was in a different office than in the photos. But I know that it’s three weeks pre-op, roughly four days post op, probably about 10 weeks post op, and then I added my own final picture to show how much they’ve come alone. That was probably about 5 months ago so about 11/12 months post op!

Now. Let’s all stare at my tits shall we…



You can really see the difference in them as the pictures progress. Swelling on my sternum went down dramatically creating a subtle cleavage look which I can play up or play down depending on what the occasion requires 😉

Hopefully this has been insightful to some of you.

As always. Love you all. My stats are booming lately and I can’t thank you all enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pre-BA – The First Step…

This post is going to be more focused towards people considering a breast augmentation, who may just be at the start of their boobjobjourney, unsure as to what to expect, and looking for some guidance or advice….

*please note i am not a plastic surgeon or a doctor so please do not take my ‘advice’ as concrete, all things i post are from personal experience and/or views of medical professionals.*

The First Step…
The first step in your boobjobjourney is making the decision to have a breast augmentation. Be it for medical reasons or personal reasons, this first step takes a lot of courage and many people do not understand how big a decision this can be for people. When i decided to get a boob job it was for ‘cosmetic’ reasons, and it wasn’t an instant decision. I had thought about it constantly since i was around 15 and had come to terms with the fact that my girls just weren’t growing. I had been unhappy with my breasts my whole teenage life and every year when i went on holiday i would absolutely dread getting in a bikini. Sure i was slim and toned, but i would spend literally months before a holiday scouring the internet for extra padded bikinis. I would spend a fortune on bikini tops that claimed to ‘increase your bust up to 2 cup sizes’, and would still feel embarrassed when i got to the pool. I never let it show how self-concious i felt, but inside i was paranoid. In cute tight vest tops i felt boyish, i could never dream of wearing a dress or a top which required no bra, and i started to feel self concious in front of my boyfriend and eventually started keeping my bra on at all times. He of course wasn’t and still isn’t phased by my breast size, big or small, he wasn’t bothered. But i was. I felt like it was genuinely starting to really annoy me and get me down, this is often the thing people who don’t agree with plastic surgery/ don’t understand it, have a problem understanding. It can affect your life. It may be superficial or silly to others but most of you reading this will know how it feels. So in the September of 2013 when i had finished my dance training, i decided to take the plunge and do something about my boobs. I was 21. The average age for a boob job is supposedly 33, which puts me quite a fair bit under it. I told only a select few  people to begin with, probably around 10 friends after my close family knew, and one of the main things people said to me was ‘don’t you think you should wait until you’re a bit older?’. Now i have absolutely nothing against people who do, each to their own, but for me personally, all i could think was, what’s the point in that? I have spoken to so many women on JBI who have said they wish they had had the courage or the means to get their BA at my age but had to wait until they were older/ in a better position/ had the courage. I wanted to really get the chance to enjoy my new boobs. I didn’t want to wait until i was older and couldn’t show them off the way i can now. Now a lot of people will say that’s really vain and possibly immature, but i’m not saying i go round with my tits out 24/7. I haven’t changed the way i dress… except maybe a few backless dresses have found their way into my wardrobe, i don’t know how…honest… and maybe i now have the confidence to wear a v neck top because my boobs look good in them, but i wanted to be able to fully appreciate them, while i’m young enough to do it.
I was in a financially stable position to do it, it was something i knew i wanted 100%, and i can honestly say that it’s a decision i don’t regret, not even 0.0000001%. It is honestly one of the greatest things i’ve done so far.
My confidence sky rocketed, i am able to wear the clothes i want, i no longer feel like a little boy when i remove my bra at the end of the day, i feel sexy in front of my boyfriend again, and i can honestly say i feel like i am a happier person because of all this.
People who don’t agree with plastic surgery don’t understand how much it can affect you, and tell you to ‘love the skin you’re in’ or ‘love what you got given’. Wouldn’t that be great eh? If we could just switch off our body issues. We can’t, and if someone has the option/ability to change something about themselves that’s making them unhappy or bugs them. Then why the hell not? If you’re not happy with your boobs, maybe they’re small, maybe you want an uplift, maybe you have a medical reason for wanting implants. Whatever reason your boobs make you unhappy for… change them, book the consultation and see how you feel after it. I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out of it feeling more determined than ever.

I know i did, and i’ve never looked back…


Pre-Op Photo

Sooooo, obviously it wouldn’t be a proper boob job blog if i didn’t include some pre-op photos!!

Here are a few of me over the last few years…

My stats are:
5 foot 9
138 llbs
Dress size 8 (US 4)
Pre-Op Size: 34A
Post-Op Size: Should be a 34D (yayyy)

I’ve been pretty much these stats for the last 5 years now so the pictures are a good example of how my chest just has not grown… sigh.

meee preop2 preop3 preop4


I change my hair colour like there’s no tomorrow, but each picture is me, ive included one from last year, the year before, and the year before that. So the last three years.



Finally finalised my size!!!!

So had my consultation with my surgeon yesterday. And if you read my blog you will know that I was undecided as to which cc to go for; 325/350cc.

I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing for months and I had pretty much decided that I was probably going to go for 350. But wanted to see what my surgeon said first.

And without me even mentioning the 350 he said that he thinks a 350 would look better than the original one I had chosen 325cc.

So it’s official. 350cc and I’ll hopefully be a large c cup / small d.

He told me to buy my post surgery bra in a 34D. Absolutely mental to think that that size will fit me.

I know it won’t be my final size but the fact that I will never have to buy an a cup bra ever again is just something I can’t get over haha.

So excited!!!!

I’ve tried to have a day of no boobie talk

Today I vowed that I wasn’t going to talk about my boobs to anyone. Because I feel like I never shut up about them.

Not my current ones. Obviously. My new ones.

I failed. I did last till like 2pm. And then I couldn’t help myself. Does anyone else feel like they talk about their boobs all the time?

It bugs me, so I know it must bug my friends/family.

I’m a bit torn over which cc to go for 325/350 so that’s why I do it I think. To gage people opinions on what I should do. I won’t listen anyway, I never listen to what people tell me to do. But. I dunno.

And now here I am. Blogging about my boobs.

I need to think about something else haha!!

Things that i’ve found helpful…

If you’re reading my blog this either means that…

A) you’re contemplating a boob job
B) you’re getting a boob job and looking for guidance
C) you’re interested in plastic surgery, particularly BA.

Or maybe it was completely by accident and you were just searching for pictures of boobs haha! Either way you’re hopefully here, and as i said before, getting  a boob job is a huge daunting thing, and for me i know the one thing i have looked for is advice/guidance/examples or just general talk of Breast Augmentation (BA).

In an age where internet dominates all, we often look to ‘google’ for information. As a blogger (I have another blog as well as this) and massive youtube-aholic, i have come across the following blogs/vlogs on peoples boob job experience which i have found more than helpful…

Karrissa Pukas This girl is a Canadian vlogger living in Aus and her vlogs to do with her boob job are super informative and she really makes me feel at ease about the procedure.

Shaaanxo Shannon has had a boob job and pretty much vlogged her entire pre and post op experience. Very helpful and gives a good idea of what to expect.


The one forum I’ve discovered recently is http://www.justbreastimplants.com
Honestly since finding this site, it’s the first thing I go to when I open up my laptop, and if I have a question I just search for it and someone somewhere has covered it. It’s been a huge help and I don’t know what I would have done if I never found it ❤️


21 Days to go… Pre-Op Appointment

Soooo… this time in 3 weeks i will be proped up in my hopsital bed with my new boobs. I imagine in a lot of pain, but i’m certain i’ll be happy none the less.

Today was pre-op appointment. I knew that it would involve blood tests but i wasn’t 100% sure what else may happen.
My appointment was at 12.45, i arrived at the clinic and had to fill out a form with check boxes about my health. Pregnant, smoker, drinker, weight, height, BMI… don’t worry if you don’t know these things, i did so i filled them in and then waited for the nurse to call me in to carry out the pre-op.

My clinic are so lovely, honestly everyone i’ve encoutered from nurses right down to the reception staff have been amazing, they are genuinely nice people and i feel so much more at ease with them than i would with my own GP.

I went in and the nurse, who was one i hadn’t met before, introduced herself and explained why she was doing the tests and not my usual nurse, this was due to my usual nurse moving clinics across the country and i was fine, my new nurse seemed just as lovely. She asked me a few questions about my health, got to know a bit more about my surgery by asking me what i had discussed with my previous nurse and asking if i had any other questions. Checked my blood pressure… She then took my blood.

Now, i can’t remember if i’ve mentioned it before but i’m deathly afraid of needles. If i know im having one i can’t sleep for about a week before it, and with blood tests, my inner elbow (is that even a real term? meh im unsure) starts to feel funny. Someone once told me this is called being psychomatic, not sure if it’s real or how you spell it if so, but it basically means that when i see something, for example someone has a broken arm or a broken ankle, i feel strange in that area. I wouldn’t say thats entirely true, i’m not a weirdo who feels other peoples injuries like i have them, but in some ways, especially the needles thing, i definitely agree. People only have to say the words blood test and my inner elbow starts to feel weird and i have to stretch my arms out for ages haha. but yes…

I’m terrified of needles. And this one involved taking my blood out my body. I mean come on… i kinda need that! Haha. But i’ve had it before so i knew what to expect. Sometimes im not too bad and i just go a little dizzy and hot, and others i’m absolutely awful. Now team this with the fact that i hadn’t eaten since 7pm the night before (this wasn’t due to my bloods being taken i just didn’t eat haha!). I was a little faint to say the least. She took two tube fulls of it. And for the first one i felt kind of alright. Not awful, it was when i realised she was doing another tube full. I mean i don’t completely freak out and run for the door, but i’m not exactly comfortable, and i almost broke my mums hand, yes i held my mums hand… yes i am 21.

I tried to disguise it as i’m a bit self proud and hate people thinking i’m a huge wimp. But i am and i only managed about 10 seconds of small talk before the nurse said the colour had completely drained from my face and lay me down with my legs raised and sent for a glass of water. Another point to my fear of needles.

So there i lay on the bed wth my legs raised, sweating, feeling like someone should ram a chocolate bar down my throat for the next five minutes, until oila… i felt fine, colour returned to my face and i sat up.
I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t hurt, i’m just a huge needle-phobe and always have been, its just something i’ve had since i was a small child… i can only pin point one occasion that i think it could stem from but thats another story.

The next part of the pre-op involved her taking photos for my ‘before’. Exciting!! So i stood in front of a black canvas, took my top and bra off, faced the side, faced the front, faced the other side, while she took photos of my boobs… and i felt totally comfortable.
Even though i hate my boobs, i’ve never been shy getting them out… wait, i don’t mean i run around flashing everyone, or i whip my bra off at the slightest mention of my boobaysss, i just mean that as a dancer i’ve always had to deal with quick changes, leotards, revealing costumes… and let me tell you, when you’ve got 30 seconds to get out of a costume, into another, change your shoes, completely restyle your hair and run round the other side of the stage, you can’t be prudish. So, yeah. There’s that little tangent. I tend to do that, go off on a tangent, sorry, i’m sure you didn’t really need to know that i get my boobs out for strangers side stage!!

She also swabbed the inside of my nose to see if there was any bacteria/infections lurking in there. Nice.

But yeah, that’s basically it. She gave me the emergency contact details for when i’m out of surgery, gave me her direct contact for her office, and then i left. My surgeon appointment is on monday, how exciting, so i will obviously update then, and possibly before if i feel like writing something down. I definitely feel that this is a good way to get things off my chest and i feel a lot better for writing them down, even if nobody is reading!!

Oooh i almost forgot… she also said that… as i mentioned i’m getting over a bit of a sore throat, if the tests came back saying i had a throat infection she would have to repeat them next week to send off again and see if it was clear then, and then if it happened again a week later i would have to do the same thing. Which is not ideal for someone who has a phobia of needles and almost passed out. Next time i’m having a cup of tea before hand with 10 sugars, breakfast, and a chocolate bar on hand in case all that fails.

Overall i’m really excited, and the only bit i’m nervous about is the needle to administer my anaesthetic, which admittedly i won’t feel for long because i’ll be out for the count shortly after, and the pain of my skin stretching. Nice haha.

Till next week… or maybe before.. i haven’t decided 🙂


22 Days till B-Day

Excuse the pun haha!!

It’s 22 days away. This feels so surreal. I honestly cant believe how quick it has gone since my consultation wayyy back in September.

My feelings day to day vary from ridiculously excited, to ridiculously scared.
Which obviously is normal.

I’ve never had an operation before, and i’ve never stayed over in hospital other than once when i was very young, which obviously i can’t remember. So to be going into hospital for a procedure this big is a very daunting thing. If I said i wasn’t scared it would be a tremendous lie and i’m not going to do that.

I find that i often think most about it of a night time, more specifically when i am trying to get to sleep, typical!! Which has resulted in a lot of late nights/restless slumbers, but it’s not going to be for much longer.

My 2 biggest worries are:

1. The needle to put me to sleep. Yes. Really. I’m having a huge operation, somebody cutting into my body, and i’m worried about the pin prick before hand. But, alas, this is true. I’m massively afraid of needles, so for me this is a huge thing. I’m going for my pre-op tomorrow and i’m probably more scared about that than i am the actual thing. Well… not quite. But still!

2. The pain afterwards. I don’t know of many people who have had boob job’s, only 1 that i could properly talk to about it, and everyone judges pain in different ways. From what i can gather, it hurts. A lot. Some say it’s like your skin stretching, which it is, and others say it feels like you’ve done a very very intense chest workout in the gym. I would definitely prefer the latter, but will probably suffer with the first as i’m a 34A/ small 34B and going up to hopefully a small d so thats 2 almost 3 sizes. Which isn’t going to be pain free is it.

And i think that’s probably it. I mean, i have this huge worry that i might go to sleep and never wake up, but that’s probably the result of watching too many horror films.  And i’m going to be in good hands, but, a little worry is normal so i’m trying to think calming thoughts. And when that fails. I’ll use this to let them out.  Whilst trying not to scare anyone at the same time haha. This could be fun!

3 Weeks Out – The Basics of my Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

I recently made a huge life changing decision, that decision was to have Breast Augmentation or as its more commonly known… a ‘Boob Job’. And after seeing a few videos on youtube, i thought, hell i’m going to chip in on this topic and write a blog about my experience. I’m not quite brave enough to do videos, yet, however a blog is definitely not as daunting, and as well as maybe helping someone else contemplating this procedure, is a good way for me to keep a record of my surgery, progress and general feelings throughout the whole process. 

This first post is going to be a summary of what i’m having done, and my initial thoughts/reason behind my choice.

So… first things first. I don’t think i need to explain what a Breast Augmentation is as it’s quite commonly known, however there are different kinds and ways of doing this surgery so i will inform you of the procedure i’m undergoing.

I am having a Breast Augmentation with incisions under my breast as opposed to in my arm pit, there was no option for this, though i definitely wouldn’t have chose that anyway so it’s all good. Many people are under the illusion that the procedure is done by cutting around the nipple and inserting the implant that way, however this is only the case if you are having an uplift as well. So, for example, an older woman who may have had children would likely have it done this way.

My consultation was in September, and i booked and placed my deposit five days later, booking my surgery for January 28th 2014 – 22 days away.

In my consultation i tried a few different sized implants in, i cant remember the sizes of the ones i didn’t choose, but the ones i thought looked the best at the time were 325cc. This isn’t confirmed until my consultation with my surgeon on January 13th. And i think that i will probably take it up to a 350cc as after doing a lot of research, and making my own rice sizers, i think that once in, 350cc will give me the desired look i am after.

There are also two different places the implant can be put. It’s either under the muscle or over the muscle. (The Pectoral Muscle). Over the muscle tends to be for people with bigger breasts naturally, and can risk looking more fake. Don’t forget the implant is basically a round bag and the less tissue you have over the top of it, the more you will be able to notice it.
Under the muscle, which i am getting, creates a more natural look as the muscle covers the implant more than just your breast tissue would. Under the muscle is usually preferred by people, like me, who have small breasts, therefore less tissue.

I’m having it done through a reputable clinic, and i will go into hospital on the tuesday and come out on the wednesday. I know of people who have had the operation and gone home the same day, however i feel like this is the option i prefer as it is a major operation and i feel that staying overnight in hospital makes me feel more comfortable and i would much rather be cared for by the doctors and nurses for the first 24 hours than struggle at home.

So basically, thats the basics of my operation. All the important details. Now for the rest.

I don’t feel like i have to justify myself as to why i’m getting a boob job. But i’m obviously going to tell you.

Ever since i was 15, i am now almost 22, i have always wanted to have bigger boobs. I’m not talking Jordan or Pamela Anderson size, but at least a c cup would have been nice, thanks for nothing mother nature! And i always thought they might get a bit bigger when i got older, but, sigh, they never did. It never massively started to affect me until i got to about 19/20. I had had a long term boyfriend from the age of 15 – 19 so had never really felt insecure about my body. I mean i always wished i had bigger boobs but it was never a huge issue until we split. But once we split up and i met someone new, as soon as things started progressing and getting more serious, the first thing that i would think of is, oh god, i really don’t want to take my bra off.

I have never ever felt pressure off anyone to get a boob job. Ever. I would never do something just because of someone else’s opinion.

But, when i started seeing the person i am currently seeing,  about 2 years ago, i began to seriously think about it. I hated taking my bra off during sex, i felt self conscious when i lay down, as the cups of my bra would ‘gape’, i would never wear a bra unless it had at least one cup size bigger padding, but it was almost always two cup sizes bigger padding. He has never ever made me feel that i need a boob job. He has never said anything negative about them, and i wouldn’t be with him if he did. But this is how i started to feel. None of these feelings are like me at all. I am very body confident other than my boobs, so to start feeling like this was to be frank, shit.

As time has passed i don’t mind taking my bra off during sex, and i don’t always wear padded bras when seeing him, but my breasts still bother me.

Last august i went on my fifth girly holiday to Zante with 6 friends, and before i went i was searching everywhere for padded bikinis. It was then that it dawned on me that i wanted to do something pronto about my breasts. I had always thought of surgery but always said i would probably get it when i was 25+. But the last 6 months it has bugged me unbelievable amounts and honestly since booking it i haven’t been happier. I am so excited about never having to wear a padded bra again, being able to wear dresses with no back and not worrying about how im going to pad my chest out, without the ability to wear a bra.

I genuinely couldn’t be happier that i am having this procedure and although very nervous, i am so eager to see the results!!

Some people have been negative about my decision, mainly a friend who i thought would be very supportive, but at the end of the day, its MY body. Nobody else’s, and to be perfectly honest, if you can change something about yourself that is making you extremely unhappy why shouldn’t you?!
If someone is morbidly obese and wants to loose 15 stone, then good on them. Go for it.  Maybe not the exact same thing but, the thought process is still the same.

Just because someone is happy with their body, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way.