Cup Sizes vs CC Amount

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Hey heyyy!! Today is a gorgeous day so i’m actually sat outside in my garden with a cuppa and thought it was the perfect time to write a blog post!

Today’s topic is something that i can’t stress enough to people whenever they ask me about my huge cup size, so i thought i would dedicate a whole post to it… It’s not going to be a long one but it is very important when you’re having a boob job that you keep this in mind, and i feel like people forget it so easily…


Okay so, what do i mean by this?
Often when people go in for a consultation, i did this too before i gained all my boob job knowledge, when asked what sort of size we want to go for we often say something along the lines of ‘i want to be a D cup’ or ‘I was thinking i want to be a big C/ small D’. We all do it. And that’s fine. But what i often get is people saying to me, well i thought i would be a D cup and i’m getting the same CC amount as you and you’re a FF and that’s huge i didn’t want to be that big.

First of all you must get yourself out of the mindset of thinking a certain CC amount equates to a set cup size. Eg don’t think 375cc is a d cup….
375cc on one person might be a FF cup (like me) but on another it may be a D, it might even be a large C. It is impossible to say what cup size you will come out at. I got told i would probably be about a DD. And look at me with my FF’s. That all comes down to band size…

I have a 30 inch back. Quite small, so, my 375cc implants took me to a 30FF. But when you compare that with the corresponding sizes with bigger band measurements, a 30FF is the same as a 32F, 34E, 36DD… so what sounds huge, is because of my small back. If i had a 34 back i would be an E cup.

What you get out of your CC may differ to someone getting the same amount… and what i mean by this is that 375cc may go a long way on one person, ie it might sit differently and look bigger or smaller, compared to how it would on another… tall people usually eat up cc’s, therefore they may have to go for a bigger cc amount to achieve the same look as someone with less… Your build contributes a lot to how your implants will look, and unless you have every single exact measurement the exact same as someone else, chances are your breasts, even though they may be the same cc amount, will look different.

Of course it’s okay to compare stats to people getting the same size implants, there are chances they could look similar and it can help you get a gauge for the sort of look your implants may give you, but CC size is not the same as cup size. I feel like i can’t stress it enough haha… They’re just not the same thing. So many different factors contribute to your cup size, your back measurement, your rib cage; does it make the implants sit further out, how much breast tissue you have prior to surgery, it isn’t all down to CC amount, and i just want you to remember that when you’re googling away and you see for example that i have 30FF breasts with 375cc and think woahhhh that is enormous… when in actual fact i have the look of a DD and the CC amount does not correspond to my cup size. It may be a 34DD on you or even a 34D.

That’s one last thing i’m going to mention on this topic… to achieve the look of a D/DD, the surgeon will usually recommend what he/she thinks will create this look. Again i emphasize the word look because what looks like a DD, may in fact measure a FF, or an E. So please please please if you take anything from my blog let the main thing be this


The quicker you shake yourself out of thinking like this, the better life will be… haha i’m kidding, it’s just really important to remember and i know people can get scared off when they see that 375cc made me a FF, but that doesn’t mean 375cc = FF.

I really hope i’ve explained this well, and that i don’t sound too much like i’m having a go at people who think this way. Before i had my BA, i also thought implants were measured in cup size, so you’re not alone in thinking like this. Just try and shake yourself out of it before you get your BA. And when you go for your consultation saying.. i want to have the look of a DD, is better than saying i want to be a DD. You may come out feeling disappointed!

I’m really loving creating content for the blog right now, i feel like i’m getting my blogging mojo back, and i have some exciting posts lined up in the future… a first for BBJ, i will be featuring someone else’s story on my blog! Super exciting and i’m so glad to have this opportunity to share with you guys! Two sets of boobs are better than one ;).



Best Stores/Sites for Bras D/DD+


Aloha Ladies!! If you’re just joining us, hello, if you’re a regular reader, welcome back!!

Since getting my boobs done i have developed a liking, okay obsession, with buying bras and underwear. I always loved lingerie but i never used to buy nice sets because i always personally felt like a boy in them pre BA. Fortunately now i’ve had my surgery, i no longer feel this way and i am confident buying all the lingerie…

The only problem is… i have an awkward bra size. Awkward being small back, huge cup… my back size is 30 and my cup size is a FF, which can make buying bras from regular stores extremely difficult. Often i go into a shop, see a gorgeous lacey bra, only to discover the smallest/biggest size it does is 32DD.
Now i have on some occasions, when i’ve been absolutely besotted with the bra in question, committed the ultimate offence in bra shopping and… brace yourselves… bought the wrong size bra… just so i could buy it. I know… i’m an asshole… i admit. But some of them are just so f***ing gorgeous i can’t walk past them. Admittedly these bras never get as much wear as the ones that actually fit me correctly, because the band rides up, the cups don’t fit right… all of the issues women have when we buy the wrong size. It’s not a hanging offence so please do not fill my inbox or comments with information about why wearing the incorrect bra size is terrible, we all do it… i know you do too… yes i’m looking at you…

So, where do i shop for bras i hear you ask? Most people will be sat there saying ‘but theres always DD+ collections in most shops‘… have you ever noticed something about said collections… they’re never usually that sexy are they? It’s as though some of these designers think anyone with a cup size of D or above does not ever want to look sexy in her underwear or only wants maximum support for her puppies all the time… Well newsflash, we don’t. We want to look sexy, sometimes i want to wear a nice lacey number without having 3 inch wide straps ruining the look… And don’t even get me started on triangle/ non wired bras with S/M/L sizing… WHAT ABOUT ME WITH MY TINY BACK AND HUGE CUP?! A generic small size will fit my back but probably cover half of my nipple with the cup and there’s nothing sexy about that is there? So… let me share my secrets with you…

(remember all my links open in a separate window so if you’re browsing and want to open something for later, i’ve made things easier for you)

Boux Avenue
First up is Boux Avenue… my absolute FAVOURITE underwear shop for my odd size. Most of their bras are available in DD-G cup, and their back sizes go down to a 28, absolutely brilliant. They even go up to a 40G, and the appearance of the bra isn’t compromised!!  I would seriously recommend anyone who hasn’t been fitted professionally to go and do so at Boux Avenue… their staff are always wonderful, their range of bigger cup sizes is equally as gorgeous as the smaller ones, and they’re not going to break your bank. They always have offers on for sets too… my number one lingerie store!! They fit/measure snug but i prefer this to the other stores i was sized in as its more supportive and feels better.

ASOS are also a great contender for me… their range currently seems to be quite small for some reason, but is still gorgeous. They fit true to size and are always super comfortable. I always go to asos after Boux if i can’t find what i’m looking for there then ASOS usually have it. They also have at the moment, the currently popular harness style bras in stock, which are usually in the dreaded S/M/L sizing format in most stores but here they do them in DD-G! I can only assume the range is condensed at the moment because its that whole spring/summer crossover/sale period. Check back for updates and more ranges!!

Okay, so i was a bit skeptical about including this company because i know a vast majority of my readers are from the USA or the UK, and Evollove is a brand in Australia (you lucky ladies). However, you can get hold of some of this brand on ASOS and some department stores in the UK such as House of Fraser or Debenhams, though ASOS has the biggest selection. Their underwear is just absolutely gorgeous, and if it were available more easily in the UK it would definitely be my first choice. You Aus girls are super lucky!! Super comfy and they come in gorgeous designs no matter the size. Brilliant!

Pour Moi
Okay so, Pour Moi, bit hit and miss for me… their range of swimwear for fuller busts is in my opinion better than some of their bras, but… still as great brand. They’re available on FigLeaves, BraStop, Next, ASOS, Very and SimplyBeach for their swimwear… extremely easily to get hold of, and some of their styles are gorgeous! They fit nicely, and they wash nice as well!!

These are just four of my go to places where i buy my bras from. I do occasionally use other shops such as New Look, Ann Summers, and i do own a few Victoria’s Secret bras, in the wrong size, oops, these are just my personal picks.

Let me know yours!! When leaving a comment, you don’t have to use your real name, you can use an alias, i know some people can be put off by having to sign up for things to post a comment, but that isn’t the case with my blog i promise!

I hope you enjoyed this post, i loved writing it, and i may have purchased more bras during the process of getting the hyperlinks for the sites… oops.

Until the next post!

Love always





There may be changes…

Nothing big and nothing major. You likely won’t notice at all but I’ve made a few changes to the blog. The title ‘The Boob Job -MY Journey’ has changed to ‘The Boob Job Diaries’ as I feel that as my audience has grown it’s become not just about MY personal journey. But about everyone’s journey. You guys come to my blog as a place to seek advice, a place to find answers to questions you may have regarding your own surgery, a place where it’s not just about me documenting my journey anymore. It’s become so much more. This little slice of Internet has become a place I love to log on to. It warms my heart to see that so many people are reading. I’ve gone from 1 person visiting my blog, to tens of thousands of you. And so it is no longer MY journey. But OURS. And I feel the new name is more fitting, I hope it doesn’t confuse people too much! I am still the same blog I’m still ‘the boob job – my journey’ just with a different title now :). 

That being said you can still find me at the usual URL: and barely anything else too noticeable has changed. Just some fonts, a bit more organisation and hopefully a better search facility for you to use. 

So. Happy reading guys!! 

As always. I love you.



Rippling… Eek!!

Helloooo, so what was supposed to be a lovely little DIY boob related post (I’m not talking do your own boob job don’t worry) is going to be switched to an OH MY GOD IVE GOT RIPPLING post. 

Yep. 18 months post op I have noticed that when I lean forwards I get what looks like rippling on the outer side of my boobs…

Im yet to hear from my surgeon about whether it definitely is, but I’ve consulted the wise ladies of JBI and the results were conclusive. It looks like I’ve developed rippling. 

I am so gutted because i’m 99% sure that it’s only recently happened as I have never noticed it before! A few women suggested that it could be caused by losing weight, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost any, but then again I have been going to the gym again so maybe I’ve lost weight and gained muscle?

 Others said that they developed it years later because breast implants thin the tissue, but after having a mild panic attack and googling this within an inch of my life, it seems that tissue atrophy is only usually when people get largeeeee breast implants. And though mine are classed as large implants (anything over 350 is) I’m almost certain it won’t be this. And as the rippling is in a place where I doubt there’s breast tissue anyway, it’s probably not likely to be atrophy. 

Another explanation is simply because I didn’t have a large amount of breast tissue to start out with, this is a common side effect apparently, though upon googling rippling in my style implant, I spotted that less than 1% of women will experience rippling in the first three years. Here’s to being in that 1% 😉 

Either way I’m going to ask my surgeon to take a look at it. If it’s something that likely won’t get any worse then i can live with it for now. If it’s something that could cause a problem and complication then I’ll have to consider my options of another surgery. But hoping that it’s just something that will either go away, or not get any worse. 

I’ll keep you all updated when I hear back from my PS. He’s currently out of office till next week so it will likely be then that I update you!! 

As always. Lots of love to you all. 

Truly it really does amaze me that so many people read my blog every day. Be you a new visitor or a recurring BBJ visitor, you’re amazing. Thank you. 



18 Month Update!


It’s been 18 months since i had my boob job, and i thought i would write an update post for you all! I can’t actually believe that it’s been that long since i had them done, it feels like it was only about 6 months ago, but no, it’s true, 18 months have passed and the boobs have gone through so many changes!

The first major change is how much they have dropped. There were times when i thought dropping was over for me, and i started panicking. I was so worried that the drop and fluff fairies had left me off their list, but alas, i did see dropping. Honestly i feel like i’ve seen so much dropping still in the last 4 months or so, so i’m now a firm believer that we’re always changing, even after 1 year on, so don’t give up hope if you’re not seeing as much as you would have liked!!

Another major change is the feel of them, obviously as it’s been 18 months, they’re getting softer and softer. I’m not going to lie and say that i’m 100% happy with the softness of them right now though, and i am hoping that they will just continue to soften, which would make sense really seen as they are silicone, i imagine that they will just always get softer and softer… we will see!! They’re still very soft compared to what they were, and the only time i notice that they feel a bit more firm is when i’m lay down and they’re not affected by the gravity as much haha!

I don’t experience any pain or anything at all, my scars give me no grief what so ever, and my implants 100% feel like my own breasts. I often get asked whether they feel ‘foreign’ to my body, and the answer is definitely no. When i first got them done, they did feel kind of ‘stuck on’, like i felt as though they weren’t molded with my body, but that feeling doesn’t last as long as you would imagine, and now 18 months on they feel exactly like my own boobs.

I still have some numbness on the underneath of my breast, under my nipples, but my nipples have full sensitivity back, in fact i would say that they are more sensitive now than they were pre boob job. This isn’t a bad thing though haha!! I don’t think that the numbness will ever go away, i will attach a photo to show you where it is, but it’s not an issue, it’s a small area and i never notice it.

The one thing i do have a slight issue with is the side profile of my implants, and the gap between my breasts. My implants are actually the perfect size for my body, they are in the perfect position, and i’ve been told by another plastic surgeon in the US that i actually have a very beautiful result for the profile i have (HP). The ‘issue’ is with the profile i have, with HP implants, they are designed to have more projection than the other profiles, thus making them perfect for people with little breast tissue. See picture below…

The thing i’m not in love with about the high profile implants is that they are narrower from side to side than say a moderate profile, so where the high profile is perfect for me in the sense that they look better because they’ve got better projection, i dont really get a cleavage, and i sometimes feel as though they ‘stick out’ from the side and i don’t have as much cleavage as i would like naturally. In clothes they look fine, it’s just without that i wish they had that natural sort of ‘sag’ in the crease, and i need a bra to properly give me cleavage. I wish they were just a little closer together like on the bottom picture below. Someone told me that once i have children this will probably happen as she had a similar thing with hers before kids. The only way to change this would be to go with a moderate profile, or moderate plus, but then i run the risk of them looking flatter. Gah so many problems with having naturally small boobs!

Overall, i do love my boobs. I like that they look natural, and that i can dress them up or down depending on how i’m feeling or what clothes i’m wearing. And the whole being able to go braless whenever i want now i have boobs is amazing. I very rarely wear a bra, just for work usually, whereas pre-BA i would have had cold sweats and panic attacks if i had to wear an outfit where i couldn’t wear a bra!

If you have any more questions you would like answered about my 18 month post op boobs, feel free to email me or leave me a comment, or tweet me… i’m still going with the twitter thing, for now, but i’m not as fond of it as i am of our little community on this site!

Till next time!

Love Always


Did my boobs seriously look like that… part two

Okay so what fun is a boob job blog with no progress pictures?! I’m always a little bit dubious about putting full frontal boobity pictures up. But nipple censoring has come a long way so I thought the least I could do was show you my boobs again?

Don’t get me wrong my pre-op pancakes weren’t hideously ghastly or anything, but I actually did think at the time they were a little bigger than they are in the photos… I guess that’s what happens after years of trying to convince yourself ‘they’re not that small…

I can’t exactly remember when the pictures where taken. And I know for sure that my final post op appointment pics aren’t there because I was in a different office than in the photos. But I know that it’s three weeks pre-op, roughly four days post op, probably about 10 weeks post op, and then I added my own final picture to show how much they’ve come alone. That was probably about 5 months ago so about 11/12 months post op!

Now. Let’s all stare at my tits shall we…



You can really see the difference in them as the pictures progress. Swelling on my sternum went down dramatically creating a subtle cleavage look which I can play up or play down depending on what the occasion requires 😉

Hopefully this has been insightful to some of you.

As always. Love you all. My stats are booming lately and I can’t thank you all enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Recovery Tips!!!!


Alohaaaaaa. So whilst i prepare ‘did my boobs seriously look like that part two’ i thought i would upload a little post for in between… Recovery Tips!!

As always…

*please note i am not a plastic surgeon or a doctor so please do not take my ‘advice’ as concrete, all things i post are from personal experience and/or views  i encountered from my own personal medical professionals. always consult your surgeon/ a medical professional before taking some of my advice*

The List

1. Take TWO weeks off work/school/life…
Now i know this isn’t always possible for everyone, i’m quite lucky as i get a good amount of holidays in my job, but i know others aren’t quite the same. However, that being said, if you can do it, take two weeks. Not all recoveries are speedy, not everyone recovers the same, so allowing enough time to recover properly and safely is important. I know that for me, with pain and the sickness i was experiencing i needed that second week to feel human again. If you can’t take two, definitely take one – you want your boobs to recover problem free and there’s less chance of complications if you rest up when you’re supposed to!

2. Ice Ice Baby…****
****This is a  big ‘****’ some surgeons do not recommend icing, if this is your case, please always follow the advice of your surgeon!! If he/she says don’t ice… don’t. However if he/she says it’s okay then i would highly recommend it. I iced from the get go. A few hours after surgery a nurse brought me an ice pack wrapped in cloth to help with swelling – i could have actually kissed her. It felt soooo good because, this may not be something you all think but your boobs will be hot hot hot. And not just to look at 😉 My boobs were really warm as well as swollen – stretching skin does that apparently – and the ice really calmed them down and helped soothe them. I used to just rest an ice pack on top of my boobs wrapped in a pillow case – LUSH!!
– side note: ice will also help with your zingers when you get them!! –

3. Get into a routine with your meds***
Again… HUGE ‘***’ only take medications you have okay’ed with your surgeon/ a medical professional! This is just my personal experience. I couldn’t take the prescribed antibiotics as i had an allergic reaction, and for the first four days i relied solely on ice for my pain relief due to throwing up all the time (you see why i love ice so much!) But… when i could finally keep down some pain relief in tablet form, i made sure to take it in a routine… i would take my paracetamol, and then two hours later i would take ibuprofen, this spaced out my pain relief through the day and meant that i was never completely without any pain relief unless i was asleep at which time i was unaware of pain (until the morning boob set in but that’s another post!)

4. Have someone at hand for the first few days post op
Now again this isn’t always possible for people i know, but, i had my mom on hand for the first seven days and honestly i don’t know what i would have done without her. Obviously i was ill and not recovering brilliantly so i did need someone there, but i think even without the throwing up and bad reactions to meds, i would still have needed her now and then. When i first came round i couldn’t even lift my arms off my sides to pick up my phone off my lap table, and i couldn’t lift my arms for at least 4 days. They do advise not to completely stop everything, but i think this is one of the things that you would struggle with if recovering alone. Even if it’s someone who pops in to make you a coffee or a sandwich, if it’s possible i say do it!!

5. Buy a V-Shaped/Pregnancy Pillow
Yeah, seriously. I didn’t actually do this but i did set up my normal pillows in the same shape. If you’re anything like me you will find it difficult to sleep on your back, let alone sitting up, so a V shaped pillow will really help. Stick it on top of two regular pillows and use it as a kind of armchair… a bit like a throne haha!! It will be a serious life saver believe me, and when you want to sleep on your side but it’s not 100% comfortable, its super helpful to support you but still keep you comfy!
Just in case you don’t know what i mean… here’s a picture…

6. Bio Oil
Okay so another one where i recommend checking with your surgeon first, but, i used bio oil on not only my scars but my actual chest skin if that makes sense? Always check with your surgeon about when you can apply it to your scars, as of course they need to be fully healed before you start applying lotions and what not to them! But, i used it on my chest and at first avoided my scars/ kept them covered, and i actually feel like it helped with the skin stretching. It could just be a complete placebo effect, and i just felt like i was doing some good, but i do feel that it was beneficial to my poor stretching skin!! A lot of people recommend starting to use it a month prior to your operation, i didn’t try this but let me know if you did/do!

7. Take pictures
I know, i know, this is the last thing you want to be doing, believe me… i know haha! But it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Its great to look back and stack them up in comparison in months to come, and even early on, taking a picture every day you will notice changes… Whenever i felt like i was having a bit of a boobie blues day, and boy were the a lot for me… i took a look at the pictures i took a day post op/ two days post op, and once i saw the obvious changes to my boobs, i felt better, which leads me to my next point…


Okay so, most importantly of all the tips – be patient with your recovery. I know it’s hard to imagine that your boobs will change when you first see them post-op, but they will. It takes time, and lots of it… i still saw changes in mine for over a year, and sometimes now i think they look different some days, or are dropping more and getting softer, still! So whenever you feel like you’ve got the boobie blues, and it happens to us all. Your body needs time to recover, so if you feel like nothing is happening, just remember, time heals, and you are early in the recovery stages… things will change, don’t fret about the appearance of your boobs in the early days… You look great!!



What size are you considering? – POLL

I love to hear other peoples experiences and opinions, let me know anonymously by voting in my poll!!


The Cosmetic Surgery Conundrum – Society Sucks

Don't let the opinions of others define you

Recently i have seen a lot of negativity surrounding cosmetic surgery. Both in the media, and in my every day life… Breast augmentation is the most common form of cosmetic surgery that receives the most criticism i feel… This will probably be a big post so grab a cup of tea and have a read :)….

Why is cosmetic surgery, in this instance, Breast Augmentation/Boob Jobs, looked down on by society?

My own personal views towards cosmetic surgery are quite simple… If someone has the ability to change something they don’t like, why shouldn’t they? If someone doesn’t like their hair, they colour it, if someone has crooked teeth, they get a brace, if someone feels a bit overweight, they go the gym? Yet self improvement in the form of cosmetic surgery is often frowned upon by a huge portion of society. People look at cosmetic surgery as being ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’… which in some respect, yeah… in some procedures it does involve ‘plastic’ (silicone) and in some procedures you are inserting something ‘fake’ into your body. But what’s the big problem?! I’ve read numerous articles by people against cosmetic surgery, experienced a fair few people being judgey over my own choice to have breast implants, yet at the same time: -people everywhere telling women to love themselves -posts on how to contour your face to make it look slimmer -non-cosmetic lip plumping (which seems to be al the rage now) -songs encouraging ‘body positivity’ yet in the next breath slagging off a certain build of women?! -women should empower other women

There are SO many double standards in society it is unreal, and cosmetic surgery seems to be one of the biggest contenders.

A few months ago i stumbled across a video on a YouTube channel i follow. The video was the channel owner explaining how she had gotten a breast augmentation and breast uplift. She was telling us her reasons for doing so, what her experience had been like, and her size (she had gone from a small 32B, so 30A, to a 30E post op). She had gotten surgery for corrective reasons as well as aesthetic reasons; her weight had fluctuated thus affecting her boobs, and she felt under confident. Whenever i watch a video on youtube i often scroll through the comments, and this was no different, upon doing so with this particular video i came across SO many hateful/negative comments. People telling her she was vain, people telling her they were un-subscribing because she had told them to love themselves and then gotten surgery to change herself. This i find absolutely absurd… so you’ll happily watch her videos of her doing makeup tutorials, changing her appearance with makeup, but she changes her breasts because she hates them and feels unconfident with them, and there is uproar.

This goes back to my main point… if someone has the ability to change something they dislike about themself… WHY SHOULDN’T THEY.

You may not agree with their decision, it may not be for you, but seriously, what is the issue? Who are YOU to judge? Is it going to affect your life? Do you know the persons reasons for getting surgery? Do you know how they feel about their body? Do you know what a boost in confidence surgery can give to people? Sure there are people out there who want to go huge, so what!! Who cares?! If they want to have big boobs, that’s their decision, and if it makes them feel body confident, which ultimately is the excuse a lot of people against surgery give for their opinion ‘love the skin you’re in’… if they don’t love the skin they’re in, and breast implants are going to help them do this… shouldn’t you really be saying, hey you know what, you should love your body but if you don’t and this is something that’s going to make you love it, and feel confident, then go for it!! Instead of putting them down and making them feel, in some cases, more self conscious about their body? Surely isn’t this more damaging than the person getting cosmetic surgery to improve their confidence?

I have a friend who isn’t against cosmetic surgery as such, but, when i had my breast implants was extremely ‘opinionated’ towards me and my new boobs for quite a few months afterwards. When i had them done, her first words where ‘hmm they’re pretty big and don’t look good now but the swelling will go down won’t it? I’ve been saying to _____ for months that i thought you would look ridiculous’. Okay, i thought, great, thanks for the boost in confidence!! I let it slide as obviously your boobs don’t look perfect immediately post-op, However, the next few months post op consisted of so many little digs and comments regarding my boobs that eventually it started to affect my own opinion of them. She would say things to me like ‘they’ll never look real’,’yeah you can tell they’re fake, obviously’ ‘they are so hard its horrible’ to making little petty digs when people would mention them or ask me about them. It got to a stage where i started to think to myself – do they really look that fake?? I already felt insecure about my boobs pre-op and in making constant jibes and horrible comments about my new boobs, i started feeling as though everybody was thinking like her…She had, in a way, given me an insecurity about something i had had done to fix an existing insecurity.

I managed to overcome this and we’re still friends, and i now think the main reason for her opinionated remarks was jealousy, however it just made it more clear that some peoples views/opinions on cosmetic surgery really suck. People often react like it in some way affects their lives, when it doesn’t, and some people will go out of their way to make their opinions voiced.

 Exhibit A – The douche bag male who hates anything ‘fake’ – I came across him in the comments section of a lovely ladies video whilst searching youtube for videos of people who had gotten/ were getting boob jobs…

“This is a cosmetic procedure and not remotely corrective, lol. Corrective refers to the function, not the appearance. Pathetic. I always knew your “confidence” was fake. Just like every other vain and vacuous YouTube “B team” celebrity.”     ” She has fake boobs, fake hair, and went under the knife to gain fake confidence. She is the epitome of fake.”       “The prevalence of multi-billion beauty industry, as well as the modern boom of pornography, now means we’re exposed to more body images than ever before and convinced that there is one image that is “right” or attractive. This is why we desire plastic surgery. As a result of direct and indirect manipulation. Don’t buy it. Don’t believe it. There is NOTHING wrong with you. If there is a medical problem or an issue with function, it is understandable to want surgery for your health – such as after a car accident or a tumour. But surgery for vanity and insecurity caused by misogynistic media lies is not only unnecessary but unacceptable. We cannot continue to embrace their lies and fakery.”    “The “corrective” lie is the favourite excuse of the vain and pathetic now.”

Honestly there are so many of this douche bags comments that anger me (there’s at least 50+)  but i’ve selected a small few. Basically, he doesn’t agree with cosmetic surgery because he thinks women should not change themselves and should just be confident in who they are… OH MY GOD… WHAT A REVELATION!!!! I bet nobody with breast implants has ever tried that?! If it was that easy i would have saved myself a fair few grand?! He says a lot of things, mainly that he does not agree with any form of cosmetic surgery unless it is to correct something – ie the function not the appearance. He says that its fakery and lies and its unacceptable.  That we’re vain and pathetic for having cosmetic surgery. He’s such an idiot that i actually rose to it and commented back. But i won’t go on too much… the sad thing is, this douchebag isn’t the only one. Society is full of people like this, who don’t agree with our decisions so therefore result to putting us down and making us ultimately feel worse about certain things, or like what we’re doing is unacceptable and wrong. It isn’t.

If your breasts make you unhappy and you want to change them, do it. Don’t let other peoples negativity alter your choices. Heck if you want any form of cosmetic surgery and others don’t agree with it. Screw them!! It’s your body and if this will make you feel better and more confident, then why shouldn’t you do it.

It’s YOUR choice, don’t let it be anyone else’s.


Do you wanna see some pictures…

Hopefully cos that’s what I’m posting here 😁

I’ve stacked a few pictures into collages and they go from 4 or so weeks post op to New Years 2014 so basically the first 12 months of my journey, starting from top left to top right and going down left to right in date order… Confusing eh!!

My boobs literally look different in different tops, different bras, different positions, it’s crazy. Some days i will absolutely love the way they look and some days i feel they can look average size. I went through a phase where i thought they just looked like my old boobs but in a push up bra, but i recently saw photos of myself in a crop top costume with a padded bra on and well… they look mahoosive in comparison haha!!

But anyways here goes. Here’s my boob journey!! I cant remember the dates some of the pictures were taken but i’ll give it a go…


Top Left – End of Feb ’14 – no padding still sore   Top Right – May maybe – slight padding
Middle Left – June ’14 – slight padding                    Middle Right – July ’14 – no padding
Bottom Left – August ’14 – no padding                    Bottom Right – August ’14 – no padding


Top Left – August ’14 – no padding                         Top Right – September ’14 – no padding
Middle Left – October ’14 – slight padding             Middle Right – November ’14 – padding
Bottom Left – December ’14 – slight padding        Bottom Right – December ’14 no padding

I really love my boobs when they’re in a lightly padded bra, i think i tend to go for lightly padded ones because all the bras in my size (30FF) are like granny bras with no plunging neckline or anything, so i tend to wear a 34E with a small amount of padding and this just pulls them together in a nice way, i feel anyway 🙂

I’ll get round to taking some good bra-less ones with my nipples covered again haha but for now i thought this is nice 🙂