I know my blog isn’t super mega popular, but the stats say that im getting bewteen 30-50 people on a day, whether you’re returning readers looking for updates (i’m sorry i know :()if you just found my blog and are considering getting breast implants, or even if you are just curious… you’re all welcome 😀

I know that i have always been curious about breast augmentation surgery, and i know since getting my implants a lot of people i know find it fascinating and are so interested to hear about it all… with that being said i thought maybe a question and answer post might be a nice idea? I mean i might get zero replies on this which is fine too, but i just figured that sometimes i forget to include things in my posts, or maybe you’re reading and have a burning question, or you want to ask something that i’ve not mentioned before, it’s always interesting to hear what other people want to know… i know that my friends at home ask a lot of questions about my boobs, and i thought this way you can ask if you want to 😀

So yeah… if you want to ask me a question, it can be anything i promise to be honest, leave me a little comment and when i get enough, if i get any at all haha, i’lll compile a little post containing all the questions and my truthful answers 😀

❤ xoxo

Im still here… still going with the boobs ;)

Allllloha!! I know im pretty absent from this blog lately, but its nice to see that you’re still viewing it in my stats so thanks guys 😀


The reasons im not as active on it is simply that there aren’t that many changes lately.

I’ve seen a little bit more dropping, woo. But still got a way to go i hope as i’m not fully satisfied yet haha… greedy i know, but hey i paid a large amount of money for these puppies i want them to be right!!

I’m really hoping that they get softer, i mean they’re not rock solid but they’re not super squishy… i know… they likely never will be, but i dunno, i just feel like when i lay down they’re a lot firmer, obviously as they move to my side a little and the skin gets tighter, you understand what i mean right girls? I just wish they were a little softer, but hopefully that will come with time, and if they’re not softer by my next appointment with my PS in September then i’ll ask him if this is it on the soft fluffy journey.

I’ve been thinking as well of doing a post highlighting things i would have done different looking back on it, or for my next boob job. People always get so shocked and accuse me of being ‘addicted’ when i say i’m going to get another one, but i mea come on guys… i don’t mean right away, and we all know that at some point in time i will probably have to have them replaced, sheeeeesh… people who haven’t had surgery or have no real knowledge of what a BA entails sure can be annoying. I swear the amount of lectures i’ve had off people about being addicted to surgery and how they’re not for life, and people generally thinking they know more about it than i do, when i’m the one who had the surgery. Sheesh… maybe i’ll do another blog post on that… reactions and how to deal with them? I dunno… i have a few ideas and i want to get them up over the next few weeks… i even made a list… and…..

NEW PHOTOS… wooooo. I realised i always forget to update this site and just update my JBI profile… which i’m afraid i have made my photo private on… the idea of just anybody being able to see my bare boobs started to freak me out haha, so i changed it… but no fear… you can still hit me up with a FR i will happily accept, i just feel better knowing i can vet the people viewing my tatas 😀


So yeah… lots of updates coming i guess… and then we will be almost into september when i have my 8 month check woo!! Exciting times ahead for the boobjobjourney guys!!


You all rock ❤ xo

the boobie greed is real…

Before my BA my biggest worry was going too big/ going too small. Initially in my first consultation i went in and said to the nurse, i want to be a full C, no bigger. And her words were, “no definitely a D at least” which at the time absolutely terrified me as a D cup sounded massive to me… little did i know eh ;)… anyhoo… i tried a 325cc sizer on and shock horror… it wasnt mahoosive.

The 325 sizer looked great, i was super happy. Then i came home and thought, hmmm… i want to go bigger… i spoke to my clinic and they said to let the Surgeon know at my next consultation… i did… i bumped it up to 350… then, if you read my blog you will know… i went to a last minute consultation 5 days before to try bigger sizers, and i bumped it up again last minute in my hospital room to 375cc. 

Now, at the time i remember saying to my PS… i don’t want to be too big… which looking back now was a silly worry because they aren’t too big at all. I mean, i would say i have big boobs, but not huge. And i wish i had gone bigger. 

Something that’s been playing on my mind a lot lately. 

I wish i had gone bigger. To 425cc. I seriously doubt i would have gone any bigger than 450. I dunno i just wish my boobs were a bit closer together, and i know thats down to my structure before my BA, my boobs were obviously already wider set then, but i never noticed because i didn’t have any haha. I just feel that if i had gone for bigger implants, they would obviously have been a little wider, not much just a little, and thus making them closer together.

I have seriously considered getting them redone after a year, but obviously as i got a part loan out, i would want to pay my loan off first, and then save up for my next one. I know i will definitely upgrade them at some point in my life, but probably not any time soon. I want to give it at least 2 years, so i can pay my loan off, and maybe save up for my next one in this time. I know people will look at me and say but you’re a 30FF, you don’t need to go any bigger, but what people don’t understand is that they don’t look like a FF at all. They don’t look bigger than a D in tight clothing, and in loose clothing you would think i was probably a C. Which for some people is great, but for me, i guess i just thought they’d be a bit more noticeable… and a little closer together. I think if they were closer the size wouldn’t bother me as much, but for me personally to see a bit of cleavage, i have to wear a push up… which is what i wanted to stay away from after my BA, and was the whole reason i got it in the first place. I mean don’t get me wrong, they are a great size for me, and BF and all my family say i don’t need to go bigger, but i just feel like they don’t look exactly how i wanted them to look. 

But hey… who knows… they’re still dropping and they might drop and look perfect in a years time. But for now anyway… i’m trying to steer clear of looking at photos of other peoples BA’s… the boobie greed is REAL. 😦