Its been a while…

Apologies for my absolute lack of posting, it’s just since my last post op there haven’t been all that many changes!! 

I have some new photos to upload later today, finally!! And i’m going to do a little comparison i think to some old photographs i took 2 weeks post op in a bra i bought from ASOS, and some photos i took in the same bra last night 3 months post op.

I can’t actually believe it’s been 3 months. It seems to have flown… although the first 2 weeks was probably the longest two weeks of my entire life haha… its crazy. 

80% of the time i’m super happy with my boobs. Don’t get me wrong, they’re amazing i do LOVE them and there’s nothing surgically wrong with them, touch wood. However the boobie greed is real, and boy does it suck. I’ve genuinely had to ween myself off JBI because i keep looking at people with bigger implants than me and feeling a pang of jealousy that i didn’t go bigger. I wouldn’t have gone much bigger… i think the most i would have gone is 450cc, which in reality isn’t that much bigger than what i have now, but i definitely think that little difference would have been perfect. 

But, i keep the boobie greed at bay for the most part, and when i’m having a particularly greedy day, i look at pictures of my sad, teeny old boobs pre-op, and it makes me feel much better. I wore another dress without a bra for my sisters engagement party at the weekend, and they looked huge in it, everyone kept commenting, and when i told them i had no bra on they were shocked and said how good they looked. So i guess it’s just one of those things. 

I could never afford to get them done again right now, maybe when i’m a bit older and have saved a bit more money, i might consider upgrading, but i would never go beyond 500cc. I have a teeny waist and my butt definitely wouldn’t balance them bad boys out. 

I sound so vain and i know i am very lucky to have been able to get my boobs done, and i am in love with them, more so every day, and when i see progress it makes me happy. I guess we’re never truly happy with our bodies are we? The vain generation haha!! 

Oh well… so thats my kind of update… i’m so sorry these posts aren’t always frequent and ram packed with changes, but it’s simply because there aren’t many that are mega visible, and i would rather do a few big posts with lots of detail and dramaticish changes, than lots of little rambly ones… like this haha… saying basically the same thing. 

Oooh ooh… one thing i have noticed, is that the pain i was experiencing in my boob which i was worried was CC has gone, Surgeon said that was normal and all O.K on the CC front, not to panic. 
And also… random little revelation but… the other night i slept for about 12 hours, i was ill gimme a break ;), and i slept the entire time on my back, and when i woke up and rolled over, my boobs felt stiff, like not physically hard kind of stiff, but stiff as in when you go the gym and feel a bit sore/stiff. It was tres bizarre, i massaged them a bit and they resumed normal feeling, maybe normal big boobs do that too, meh i dunnoooo. 

Anyways, enough waffling… speak soon