2.5 months post op PS appointment

Woooo I am both anxious and excited about this.

Excited because I’m keen to see what my surgeons thoughts are in my progression seens as it’s been so long since I seen him.

Anxious because what if something is wrong? Or he doesn’t think I am progressing as well as I should be? Or what if he says the pain in my right boob (which seems to have gone now but I’m still going to mention it) is the early stages of CC? Or something else. I am such a worrier. My bf always says I read into everything way too much. In every aspect of life. And medically, even more so.

I’ve been wearing underwire bras for a few weeks now, but I wore my sports bra today just in case he shouted at me for wearing them without his ‘okay’

Will update you on the other side!!!!

There’s a few girls in here filling out forms, the first consultation process, and I remember when that was me.
If someone had told me this time last year that in 12 months time I would have big boobs I would have laughed. Not because I’d never thought about it. I constantly thought about it. But because I didn’t think it was financially possible at this time, and I didn’t think that I would grow balls this big so soon.

Best thing I’ve ever done. Hands down.

I’m even considering a second BA in five or six years time 🙈🙈

But for now. I’m happy. Ecstatic. And loving my boobies!!