I’m experiencing an odd feeling…

Sooooo…  in my last update i explained how nothing really changed and my boobs felt great, very normal… nothing to report.

Well.. the past few days i’ve had a strange feeling in my right breast. Bloody righty, it has been the problem child right from the start and now it seems its determined to reer its problemmy head once more.

The only way i can describe the feeling is that it feels a bit like when i push the implant like up or down or side to side, it feels like that, pretty much all the time.  It’s very bizzarre. It also kind of feels like when i had air bubbles, it’s not painful it’s just annoying and a bit uncomfortable at times.

I don’t always notice it, and it’s only been since last wednesday/thursday, so 5/6 days?  But of course the worrier in me is jumping to all sorts of terrible conclusions… rupture, pocket damage, bottoming out, and the dreaded capsular contracture. It’s highly unlikely that it is any of these things, other than maybe the CC, but i cannot wait for it to either leave, or if it continues, ask Dr Sleitr about it next monday, honestly the man is going to be bombarded with questions from me :’)


Has it really been 2 Months?

So i had a quick glance at my ticker the other day and it said something like 2 months 5 days, which seems absolutely insane. 

Although it feels like its been ages since my BA, at the same time i can’t believe its been over 2 months, thats insane!! 

So… how am i feeling? Well, mentally i feel great 99% of the time. I won’t lie there is that .1% of time where i feel awful, but its manageable and i think i am finally past the whole post op depression. Thank god. I know some people will read this and think that i’m either A exaggerating or B that i’m a hypochondriac, which i guess are both not too far from each other, but i’m not. I genuinely did feel awful, and i wanted to try and record that still in some way, as i think often BA recovery is seen as being very easy, and its onlly a small percentage of people who have a bad recovery, just my luck, but i feel that there isn’t much about the bad recoveries, and i wanted this blog to be as truthful and honest as possible. So i shared it with you all. 

The boobies: feel great! I feel like they have stopped dropping, they haven’t, but the changes now are becoming so minute that i don’t notice until weeks have passed and my scar position has changed!! I cannot wait for them to fully drop! I think i’m probably done fluffing to be honest. The one thing i’m annoyed i didn’t do was take measurements from day 1. I was too sick to even think about anything let alone whipping out the tape measure, but i would be curious to see how i changed in measurements!! 

They still feel a bit firm to me, BF says he thinks they feel softer every time he feels them, so obviously they are fluffing and getting soft, it’s just taking time i guess. I hope they do soften a lot more as i personally think they feel firm to me. But BF is happy, and nobody else would even know unless you felt them!!

They jiggle when i go down stairs, jiggle when i run, though i haven’t been doing much of that as i still need to get signed off for exercise as haven’t seen my PS since the end of Feb, they basically do everything normal boobs do. Which is brilliant. 

Sizing: Now as you may know if you follow my blog, or have read down, i got measured a week and a bit ago and i am a 30FF. This sounds HUGE, but as we all know, this doesn’t mean they look huge. I would say clothed i look like a big C/small D. Depending on what clothes i wear. In baggy t shirts, obviously the boobs hold them off my body so i can make it look like i barely have anything there, but if i wear a tight vest top for example, they look like a good sized D. But you would never guess they are a 30FF. I do wish i had gone a little bigger, but i think my frame could only handle up to about 425cc, so i guess they wouldn’t be that much bigger. I would say if you are in doubt between two sizes, go for the bigger. Definitely. 

Bras: I’m slowly easing myself back into wearing normal underwire bras, it’s been tricky. At first i could only wear one for 2/3 hours max before wanting my trusty sports bra back, but now i can go full days wearing a bra. Now, i don’t have any 30FF bras yet… nightmare of a size to find, i bought a few 34DDs when i thought that was my size, so i’ve been wearing them. I know… wearing the wrong size bra is bad for you, someone cuff me!  Haha!! But its so expensive for bras so i’m going to save a bit and buy 2/3 good ones to start with. And just keep my sports bra. I used to hate it but i swear its comfy as hell and i LOVE it haha!! I also no longer sleep in any bra, thank the lord i can do this again!! I hate wearing a bra for bed, so its been tough for me, but i’m back to no bra sleeping, and sleeping on my side. Woo!!

Wow, i’m rambling sorry, i’m trying not to miss anything. Ooooh. scar progression…
Now, my scars are progressing well as far as i can tell, there was a period when i felt they were a little inflamed, so i just loosened my bra and took it off a few hours a night, which seemed to help. I do sometimes have a pain in my left scar, but i think it’s nothing. It’s like a tiny pain, nothing mega, so i’m just thinking it’s probably nothing major, maybe scar tissue forming/moving. My scars look good, and they’re finally starting to properly go underneath and form the crease, they’re still of a pink/red colouring but this will fade, im going to start using bio oil hopefully soon, need to check with my PS, because i’m sick of it looking like ive been hacked into every time i’m naked for BF. He of course isn’t bothered at all, but it’s just my preference yano? 


So hopefully you feel updated, sorry if you have been wanting more regular updates, but honestly not a lot seems to change these days so i don’t want to just bore you by repeating myself… i guess i kind of have been in this one but hey!! Sooooo good luck to all you girls with surgeries in the future, and i hope i’ve helped you if you are just considering. Hopefully my bad recovery doesn;t put anyone off as i swear, i would do it all again, even if it was the same recovery. Its worth it. 


Wooo I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!!!!!!!!

Yayyyy. It’s my birthday. And if the lyrics didn’t give it away… I’m turning 22! Woooo. Well not so woo about the age thing but heyyyy it’s my birthday which is super exciting.

Yayyyyyy 😁😁😁😁

Sorry. A none boobie related post. But I’m just soooo excited and there’s nobody awake in my house to share that with haha!

I finally got sized

So today I finally went and got measured….

And boy was I surprised

I am a 30FF!!!!!! A double f. Oh my god. I’ve always known my band measurement was wrong in a 34 as I measure just below 30. But I did not expect to be a 30FF!!!! I am in shock. I never bought any bras as I was looking for a specific style and they didn’t have one but oh my god. I can’t believe it.

I’m a 30FF 😅