Progression – Finally some photographs!!!!

Okay so. Here we have… Pre-op 34A, post op day 4, post op day 9 and post op day 11 I think it was. Pretty sure it was that timeline. Thennnnn here below we have, from left to right, top to bottom, post op day 13, post day 18, post op day 20, post op day 28… Phew that was hard to remember haha! The bottom left photo 28 days out makes them looks very fake looking and high up. However. They don’t look like that at all. The way they look high is because of the way I was standing and holding the camera. They look a lot more like the top right in the bottom section of photographs 🙂



I’ve been massively absent


First things first, I would like to apologise to you all for being so crappy with my blog since my surgery, I know how annoying it is as I am annoying myself by not writing it, I just can’t seem to find the motivation lately. (See earlier posts about POD)

I have had some bad days over the last week, more bad than good, and honestly this whole thing is starting to bug me. Like. My mood swings are unbelievable. I snap at the smallest of things and it’s not fun. I’m no fun to be around haha!!

But. Other than that… The boobs are doing amazingly. I am so happy with their progress, righty is still a tiny bit higher than lefty but I have come to the conclusion that it’s always going to be that way and accepted it. I mean it’s not hugely noticeable so it’s fine. It’s only me who can tell, and BF because I pointed it out a million times, but even he says it’s not noticeable. so I guess it’s all good.

There’s no pain now. And they feel completely like my own. As in, sitting here right now I don’t feel like I’ve got balloons or basketballs on my chest anymore, amazing how quickly the human body adapts, and looking at photographs from four weeks ago… I know crazy that I had surgery four weeks ago!!… They’ve completely changed. I kind of wish they were a tiny bit bigger. Maybe 400cc. But. I’m happy regardless… This brings me to my next point… I have tried for the last week to stay off JBI, I keep looking at other people with bigger boobs thinking ooooh. I should have gone bigger. When in reality I am so happy that I actually have boobs and they’re not small they’re big. I guess it’s just easy to think oh shoulda woulda coulda, but I have to remind myself that going up to 375 was a big step for me, so going up to 400 may have looked too big. There’s no way of knowing unless I have another £5000 floating around to spend on another set haha. Maybe I’ll upgrade when these need replacing, likely at the moment but who knows.

My boobs are constantly changing and I’m sure in another four weeks again they will look totally different. I’m going to finally include some photos with this post, well after it. I promise. Nipples and all haha. I’ll do them like a stack so you can see the changes 🙂

Thanks for sticking by me, you’re all amazing