Ohhh Na Na – Whats my name…

Just kidding i wont be revealing my name or face……. just my boobs…….

Welcome to my journey…

So the basics… I am now 25 and when i was 21 i had a Breast Augmentation, more commonly known as… a boob job.

I sign off as R, which ironically isn’t the starting letter of my name 😉 it’s actually the starting letter of a nickname, but for obvious reasons i won’t be revealing my face… over the years my little blog has grown and i’m always worried that someone from my area will come across it and end up seeing my boobs… will i eventually change my mind… who knows!

I had my surgery on January 28th 2014, 2.55pm and i’ve been documenting my journey since a few weeks before.

I started this blog because i couldn’t really find anything like it online, sure there were a few blogs, but none with many posts, and i had so much to ask. I became a member of a site called www.justbreastimplants.com ( a site i would advise anyone considering BA to join) which helped me so much, it was then i decided i would create my own blog and share all the knowledge and information i had gained / already had on boob jobs, more specifically, my own surgery.

I hope that people reading my site considering breast augmentation surgery find it helpful and informative… i will warn you i like to keep my posts as informal as possible, and there may be some nudity 😉 but its all for educational purposes and we’re all friends here.

welcome to my little slice of internet ❤



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