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Welcome to my journey…

I never disclose my name for privacy reasons, i’m sure we can all understand why! However you can call me R. I’m 24 and this is my blog…

When i was 21 i had a Breast Augmentation, more commonly known as… a boob job.
I had my surgery on January 28th 2014 and i’ve been documenting my journey since a few weeks before.

I started this blog because i couldn’t really find anything like it online, sure there were a few blogs, but none with many posts and most of them old posts…and i had so much to ask.
I googled to within an inch of my life, scoured countless breast implant forums, spent hours and hours just researching breast augmentations….
It was then i decided i would create my own blog and share all the knowledge and information i had gained / already had on boob jobs, and more specifically, document my own surgery.

What started as my little blog has grown over the past two years and is now a place where i interact with readers from different countries and all different ages. I’m so privileged to have such amazing readers and i love you all a lot! I love to hear from you, all of you, and you can contact me on any of the means listed above or the form below. I’ll always reply.

I hope that people reading my site considering breast augmentation surgery find it helpful and informative… i will warn you i like to keep my posts as informal as possible, and there may be some nudity 😉 but its all for educational purposes and we’re all friends here.

welcome to my little slice of internet ❤




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