Wow, it has been a loooong time since i posted, again. Which i’m s
And i thought i’d come on and do a little update!

I have been craaaaazy busy. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and started my own business. Cut my hours in my regular job to part time. I got a job in a gym, and started to build up a client base. I started my own womens only weight lifting class every week with 20+ women attending and i am about to leave my safe, secure job for full time self employment. Life has been CHAOTIC to say the least!

I am absolutely shitting my pants about leaving a secure, guaranteed income every month but i cannot tell you the relief i feel knowing i’m about to be doing something i love full time instead of ‘just a job’.

I’m not going to say i’ll 100% be writing more posts because i literally have hardly any free time at all butttttt… i’ll try to keep the blog somewhat active!

I’m almost at 100000 visitors which seems absolutely mental to me. I started this blog as a way of venting before my surgery and to document my recovery so it’s crazy to me that so many people read it! Thank you to each and every one of you, love you all




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