Life always gets in the way

I know I was going to upload. I know I always say this. And I know I’m useless. I have a good reason this time though I swear… I was in hospital.

Unfortunately for me I had kidney stones last week. My. God. I was happily washing my hair on Tuesday when the pain hit me. And at first I thought it was period pain…

I can’t remember if I have ever spoke about it on my blog but I get severe period pain. To the point where I throw up, can’t move, am basically doubled over for the entire first day of my ‘period’. I say ‘period’ because I’m on the injection and take the pill so I get mainly spotting now. All the time. So I never really know when my actual period is meant to be. 

Anyway… I thought. Wow this is a severe episode. Took some ibuprofen and got into bed with a hot water bottle. Five minutes later I was sick. Then again. Then again. Then again. This continued all night long and at about 3am after  night of crying my eyes out double up in pain, I thought no enough is enough this isn’t normal something isn’t right. 

My parents were on holiday on a cruise, my brother was at his house where he has no signal, and my sister had her phone on silent. So I drove myself the hospital. Yep. Drove myself. 

Looking back I can’t actually believe I drove in that much pain, I basically was pushing the hot water bottle into my stomach the entire time. Anyway, as my luck with hospitals isn’t great… I got hooked up to a drip, had some IV fluids, some IV paracetamol and some IV anti-sickness, had bloods taken and got sent on my not so merry way back home. No scans. No nothing. Crying my eyes out unable to bare the pain. I was literally sat doubled over crying and crying and they still sent me home. At 9am. 

Fast forward to 12:30pm and I was in the exact same state, except after 18 hours of pain I was getting to my wits end. An ambulance was called. Gas and air was given. Morphine was given. Anti sickness was given. Everything under the sun was given to me. So much blood taken again. And I was finally admitted.

I’ve never been happier to hear the words ‘we’re keeping you in overnight’. Honestly I thought I was dying. I thought my uterus must be exploding. My ovaries must have ruptured. The doctors kept saying possible ectopic pregnancy. Never been so grateful to be admitted to hospital.

Four days later I was finally sent home after scans and tests and told I had had kidney stones. I don’t know how many of my readers have ever had kidney stones but. Holy. Fuck. The pain. It was as bad as breaking the five bones in my back. I honestly thought my time was up. A lot of nurses said the pain is compatible to child birth… I no longer want children…. 

Kidding… sort of… hahaha 

Anyway. I’ve been resting up over the weekend and I’ll try and get the bikini haul posted but I just thought I should let you know I’m not being my usual flaky self. I’ve had good reason I swear haha!!

Also if anyone has had kidney stones before did they have some soreness for a few days after? I’m still a little sore, it’s definitely bareable but I just wondered if it’s normal. I’ve had mixed opinions so want some from you girls!! Comment or contact me on all my usual links!
Thanks for sticking by me even when I’m shit.

56500 of us!!!! 

Love you all

2 thoughts on “Life always gets in the way

    • R xo says:

      I feel heaps better thank you!! Oh no… the whole of you don’t think about it it doesn’t exist trick 😂 You can do it girl… you’ve got this haha… at least they will believe you are in pain and give you all the goods when you ask for them!!

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