Wanderlust… an Update…


You’ve probably noticed i’ve been a bit MIA the last four weeks or so. And i have reasons for it i swear!

I’ve been so mega busy… i went to Paris recently for 8 days to see my best friend who lives there. I had such a ball. I definitely did not want to come home at the end 😦




I did a post a few months ago where i spoke about my sudden desire to travel and DO something with my life… After having the worst year i’ve ever had, breaking my back, i really just needed some sort of change, something to look forward to and so this is it.

Another of my best friends moved to Melbourne on a 1 year working holiday visa in July, and we always spoke about me going out to visit… Australia seems a little far for just a two week holiday though right? So i’ve decided to stretch it out and make a full blown go of it. I’m going to be travelling for a total of 6.5 weeks. I’ll be starting my journey in Melbourne where i’ll meet with my friend and her boyfriend, and then we’re going to start our trek up the East Coast!

So far i have a list of stops i want to make, and a rough itinerary for Australia where i’ll be spending a month, two weeks with my friend and her boyfriend till we get to Fraser Island then two weeks solo travelling up to Cairns… and then its onto…


I feel like so far that’s the part i am most excited about, mainly because it’s pretty much all planned. I booked onto a tour called the Bali Experience, which is 8 days and involves lots of cool activities, with a group of around fifteen 18-35 year olds, such as boat parties, island hopping, surfing and sunset parties. As well as some cultural visits to temples, a school, a market, and a coffee plantation! There’s also island hopping on a boat and i’ll end my tour in Gili where i then have 8 days to chill out before flying home, if i want to come home haha… I am SO excited…

The best part about it is that i already have my itinerary for Bali/Gili so i know that on my birthday next year i’ll be surfing in Bali and then a boat party watching the sunset on the seas in the evening. Talk about celebrating 25 in style. It will be a HUGE contrast to 24 which i spent in bed all day in a back brace. #birthdayinbali haha!

I can’t explain how excited i am to go, and excited that i get to take you guys with me. I’ll be blogging the whole of my trip and… maybe… VLOGGING!!

I’ve been thinking about ‘revealing’ who i am for a long time now. It’s something i’ve always kept private with my blog but i do feel like you guys would like to put a face to this site, the face behind the boobs haha! Being anonymous is mainly to keep my privacy because with this being a boob job blog there is some nudity and i obviously don’t want everyone i know seeing my bare naked breasts. However… this is something i’m considering so it may happen next year some time! We will see!

Regardless, i’ll definitely be sharing photos and videos on the blog!

Anyway that’s me all caught up! Regular boob posts will resume shortly! In the mean time…

Do you have any trips for solo travelling? Have any of you guys done similar trips before? Or are any of you from Australia and have some suggestions of where to visit?! I’d absolutely LOVE your input on this as i am both nervous and excited!!

Love you all


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