Why does technology hate me?

My mobile phone. Hates me.
My Tablet… also hates me…
My Laptop… for some reason even though i haven’t been a traitor and moved to mac… Hates me…
Auto Save… that definitely hates me. I can’t tell you the amount of times it hasn’t worked and my laptop has crashed (told you) and i’ve lost all my work.

And now… emails. I’ve been a bit quiet on the emails from you guys lately and i thought, hmm that’s strange, usually i get contacted all the time. So today i opened up my Outlook App, refreshed it, and boom… it’s had me logged out since i got my new replacement phone almost 2 months ago (see told you)

So apologies if you’ve emailed me i am going to log onto my emails now as soon as i’ve written this post, and get back to everyone.

And then log myself back in on my new phone. which hopefully, will cooperate haha.

Happy Saturday Guys and Gals

Love you all


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