Lip Fillers – Update!

Gooooood Morning!

Okay, so… I didn’t upload Sunday, i’m sorry. You probably know but the weather in England has been absolutely amazing this last week or so and you know us Brits… we’re so used to rain, wind and dreary summers, I decided instead of sitting in my room hunched over my laptop I would take the dog to the beach and get some fresh air and exercise… Hence the lack of Sundays post!!

But… here we are… an update!! If you’re late to the party, have a read of my last post regarding my filler experience.

So… Two months since I had my fillers, what’s changed?

Well… the swelling went down dramatically over the first few days, and they eventually settled and felt completely normal again after about a week. People keep asking me ‘do they feel different to normal lips’ and my answer is no, they don’t, they feel exactly like normal filler-less lips… I’ve also been told by ***ahem***a male***ahem*** that my lips don’t feel any different to kissing someone without fillers and that he can’t tell the difference.

Before / After 1ml

How do I feel about them? I still 110% think it’s one of the best things I’ve done… The main reason I wanted them was to ‘fix’ my side profile… my under bite has been the bane of my life since it was pointed out to me by an orthodontist when I was at the tender age of 14… It gave me a huge complex surrounding it and I am always conscious of it in photos. I even considered jaw surgery to correct it, but I am super conscious that this can change your appearance drastically so I decided to test the fillers route first.

Am I happy with the size/profile? Yes absolutely.. but… It’s not that i’m not satisfied with the work… I really am and I do LOVE my new lips.. it’s that I have that classic niggle that comes, I think, with most cosmetic procedures… even a boob job… I want more


No but seriously… I spoke to some other girls with fillers and they all said the same thing… once you start you’ll want more… and I thought ‘nahhhh i’ll be fine, I know when to stop’… and to some extent I do… when my purse strings are pulled tight, and I don’t want to look fake… so I haven’t actually acted on my desire for another 0.5ml… yet…

I have a small face… I wish I could actually show you guys, I just don’t want people I know recognising me and seeing my bare breasts all over the internet haha hopefully you understand #anonprobs … so I know I would have to be extremely aware of this if I choose to get more filler… I just want a little more, possibly half a ml, I think I would have to contact the clinic and see what their views are on it as I don’t want to destroy the undetectable look I have now. Most people I know can’t believe I’ve had filler as it’s so subtle.

The biggest change in my opinion is my side profile. My bottom lip no longer protrudes miles in front of my top, and they definitely have a more balanced look to them. My side profile looks 100x better which was my main goal.

Another thing I would say is that my cupids bow is definitely more defined than it was. I still have a slight unevenness to my lips (see first photo), I noticed it once the swelling went down, but again this is definitely genetic and to do with my jaw, nothing to do with the filler! It’s also undetectable unless I point it out, and even more so when I wear lipstick!

Before. 1 day after. 1 month after

The good thing right now with the size that they are currently, is that I can honestly say I can play them up and down. If I put lip balm on and I use a lip scrub before, they look bigger. If I don’t and they are a bit dehydrated and I haven’t encouraged blood flow to them😂, they look smaller… but they are definitely bigger than they were.

This has 100% upped my confidence… I no longer feel consumed by paranoia that when someones looking at me from the side I look like i’m sticking my bottom jaw out, and that is all I wanted from it!!

So… overall… I LOVE my lips… but I do want more! Whether I actually get more is a different topic entirely… i’m currently saving for a big trip to Australia in January (i’ll do a separate post updating you all on my life) so all my extra pennies are going on that at the moment… but we will see… maybe i’ll splurge and treat myself! I’ll keep you posted!!

I’m sorry the blogs been so sporadic the last six months or so… as you can probably imagine I’ve been concentrating on my recovery and everything else has pretty much taken a back seat, but hopefully i’m back, and i’m thinking of some more changes to the blog so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We’re also almost at 40000 of you lovely people… I am absolutely gobsmacked, truly, it used to amaze me that even one person read my blog and now to have nearly forty thousand readers is just… I have no words…

As always, thanks for your continued support, especially when i’m a useless blogger like the last six months! I will strive to do better!!

Love Always





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