Lip Fillers – Take Two

Okay so, before Christmas you may have seen me post that I had a consultation booked for lip fillers but had to cancel due to work.

Well… Next Friday I have booked a consultation. I am SO excited. I have also been told that you can actually have the treatment on the day if you so wish. 

I don’t know whether I will or not as I am a huge wimp with needles but then I also think the best way to have them is to not have a long wait/build up before them. It works with my contraceptive injection, it don’t work in hospital hahaha but. Who knows. 

I’ve been obsessing over them for a long time now and I’m of course going to blog the whole thing!! 

The place I chose is a place that have clinics in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle as well as in the UAE. I hunted for what felt like forever for a clinic I felt did nice natural looking lip fillers. And I am pretty sure I found the best. 

It’s called ‘The Consultant Clinic’ and if you’re interested check out their Instagram they have some unbelievable photos of procedures they’ve done on there it’s just @consultant_clinic 

I had to pay £30.77 for my deposit for the appointment and should I choose to have my lips done on Friday that will cost £300. I don’t mind paying a little bit more for better work. I’ve seen lots of different people who one are not plastic surgeons they are simply beauticians who offer the service, and two who charge £100- £150 but don’t look as natural. 

I literally have spent hours on their Instagram just lusting over their lip fillers. They also offer other treatments such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, Botox and tear trough fillers. Seriously their Instagram is like cosmetic porn haha!!

I’m so excited but also super nervous. Would love to hear about anyone else’s experince with lip fillers too!!

More booby posts planned also, just had a lot on my plate with my broken back… Which I can now update you has finally healed!! I had my last set of X Ray’s two days ago and I am absolutely over the moon to be out my back brace and starting physio in two weeks. 

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and support. You all rock.

Will update you about the lips next week
Love you all


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