Monthly Goals: May

April flew by for me, considering i’ve been unable to get up and about much, and have spent basically every day at home, it flew. Which surprises me because usually when you’re doing nothing time drags.

April Goals…

  1. Be out of my back brace. – Almost there!! Few more weeks left.
  2. Reach my savings goal for this month. – DONE
  3. Write at least five blog posts. – Almost… 4 posts for April!
  4. Be walking completely normally again. – SMASHED IT
  5. Start physiotherapy. – Not just yet… 4 weeks till i do though!
  6. Eat healthier. – Okay so… failed at this one!
  7. Write down one thing i like about myself every single day. – I forgot :/
  8. Finish my list of films to watch whilst out of work with my back. – I added some so not quite through this but… 41 films down… and 3 seasons of Greys Anatomy amongst other shows!!
  9. Read two books. – I read one… How To Fall In Love – Cecelia Ahern, absolutely amazing, loved it!
  10. BE HAPPIER – Hmmm, i half did this… things started out well but i’ve been hit with a wave of… i don’t even know what to describe it as because i don’t think i have depression, i just feel down lately, i have had a lot going on and it all gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. I try to power through though… maybe this month!!

My Goals for this month are as follows…

  1. Be completely out of my back brace!!
  2. Continue saving money
  3. Stop shopping online so much!!!!
  4. Eat Healthier – but really do it this time.
  5. Read two books – and really do this one too…
  6. Try and be positive every day.
  7. Drive – i am SO scared to drive but by the end of the month i want to have done it!
  8. Write more blog posts!
  9. Start exercising again – lightly: walks and swimming

So, only 8 this month. Like i said last time, you don’t have to set 10. Setting too many goals, as you can see, makes achieving them difficult…. that said, 9 this month, and i’m going to TRY my hardest to achieve them! I think i might do a separate post on how i feel, i know this is a boob job blog, but sometimes you just need to get things off your chest… no pun intended haha!!

I hope May is good to everyone, and that if you, like me, feel down, we have a happier month.


Love always,




3 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: May

  1. Sarah says:

    Omg I broke my back in a rock climbing accident when I was 18. Not a good look for a college freshman. I wore that back brace for months. Not a fun time at all. Your almost through it. Having a broken back hasn’t effected my life and it’s been 10 years. The did effect my natural childbirth with my daughter though. It was excruciating back labor right where I broke it. I had no pain relief for the 40 hours of labor so it was something I could live through.

    • R xo says:

      Ahh that sucks!! It’s horrible isn’t it! They don’t accessorise with anything :’) I started physio three weeks ago so i’m finally out my brace woo! That thing was the bain of my life. I thought of things like childbirth when i was told it was broken, and carrying a baby too, did you find it put a strain on your back a lot when you were pregnant? I mean i know it obviously does anyway but with regards to where your breaks were. I’ve never spoken to anyone whos broken their back before, i’m so glad to hear it didn’t affect your life other than child birth, i’ve been so worried that i won’t be able to continue my active lifestyle but the physios seem optimistic!!

      • sarahmarie55 says:

        Yeah it’s hard to find people with big breaks like their back! I noticed some back pain during my pregnancy but its hard to tell what caused it. From what I gather, back pain is normal during pregnancy. It wasn’t extreme pain, more like a dull ache. I’m in my second pregnancy now and my back has been aching a bit more than the first time, but again my OBGYN says it’s normal. I had no issues carrying the baby after she was born. I was curious how my back was doing so I went to a new doctor about 7 years after my break. The new doctor said it was fine and I could resume activity as normal. The doctor that treated my broken back gave me more conservative guidelines so it was nice to get an update on how my back has healed. Good luck with the rest of your healing! I hope you heal up perfectly.

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