Good News… Finally!!

I know this is a boob job blog but. As most of you know, at the end of February I had an accident during circus/aerial training, involving me falling from a height and landing on my neck. The result of this accident was me breaking five of my vertebrae… Waaaaaayyyy more painful than my boob job haha!! 

The last I updated you guys I think was when I had just come home from hospital after spending five days there. I was fitted with a back brace, which makes my boobs look HUGE haha and told I would have to wear it every day for 3 months. 

I’m not sure if I mentioned but I have to go back to the hospital for X Ray’s every few weeks to make sure everything is healing correctly. And I just had my latest set today!! 

I am SO happy, my spinalconsultant said that my spine is healing up nicely and I am already able to start weening myself off the brace!!!! It’s been 8 weeks since my accident so I’m healing up quickly, he said this is because I am young and younger people’s bones heal faster. So now I can start my day without it on, and then when I start getting pain, which usually happens after 3-4 hours, I have to put the brace back on. This is absolutely brilliant news for me as you can imagine! 

I’m also allowed to start very very light exercise… Such as going for walks and things like that. I’m not allowed to lift any weights or anything to do with weights for another 6-8 weeks. Which is when I will be starting physio!! 

Driving is a bit of murky territory still, he said ‘if you are in pain. No. If you are in the brace. No. If you have no pain and aren’t wearing the brace. You may drive if neccesary’. I am still in pain at the moment so I’m going to leave the driving for a few more weeks I think. But. I’m excited to get my freedom back!!

My next set of X Ray’s is in four weeks and then I have more the week after. Then physio will begin!! Very exciting. 

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. To know that everything is healing properly is just amazing and I consider myself extremely lucky every single day that I can walk and that I miraculously missed damaging my spinal cord. 

I know it’s not boob related. And I do have a post in the pipe line but so many of you sent me lovely emails wishing me well I thought it only right to update you all!! 

Here’s to the first major step in my recovery!!!! 



Oh and PS


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