Cup Sizes vs CC Amount

cc amount

Hey heyyy!! Today is a gorgeous day so i’m actually sat outside in my garden with a cuppa and thought it was the perfect time to write a blog post!

Today’s topic is something that i can’t stress enough to people whenever they ask me about my huge cup size, so i thought i would dedicate a whole post to it… It’s not going to be a long one but it is very important when you’re having a boob job that you keep this in mind, and i feel like people forget it so easily…


Okay so, what do i mean by this?
Often when people go in for a consultation, i did this too before i gained all my boob job knowledge, when asked what sort of size we want to go for we often say something along the lines of ‘i want to be a D cup’ or ‘I was thinking i want to be a big C/ small D’. We all do it. And that’s fine. But what i often get is people saying to me, well i thought i would be a D cup and i’m getting the same CC amount as you and you’re a FF and that’s huge i didn’t want to be that big.

First of all you must get yourself out of the mindset of thinking a certain CC amount equates to a set cup size. Eg don’t think 375cc is a d cup….
375cc on one person might be a FF cup (like me) but on another it may be a D, it might even be a large C. It is impossible to say what cup size you will come out at. I got told i would probably be about a DD. And look at me with my FF’s. That all comes down to band size…

I have a 30 inch back. Quite small, so, my 375cc implants took me to a 30FF. But when you compare that with the corresponding sizes with bigger band measurements, a 30FF is the same as a 32F, 34E, 36DD… so what sounds huge, is because of my small back. If i had a 34 back i would be an E cup.

What you get out of your CC may differ to someone getting the same amount… and what i mean by this is that 375cc may go a long way on one person, ie it might sit differently and look bigger or smaller, compared to how it would on another… tall people usually eat up cc’s, therefore they may have to go for a bigger cc amount to achieve the same look as someone with less… Your build contributes a lot to how your implants will look, and unless you have every single exact measurement the exact same as someone else, chances are your breasts, even though they may be the same cc amount, will look different.

Of course it’s okay to compare stats to people getting the same size implants, there are chances they could look similar and it can help you get a gauge for the sort of look your implants may give you, but CC size is not the same as cup size. I feel like i can’t stress it enough haha… They’re just not the same thing. So many different factors contribute to your cup size, your back measurement, your rib cage; does it make the implants sit further out, how much breast tissue you have prior to surgery, it isn’t all down to CC amount, and i just want you to remember that when you’re googling away and you see for example that i have 30FF breasts with 375cc and think woahhhh that is enormous… when in actual fact i have the look of a DD and the CC amount does not correspond to my cup size. It may be a 34DD on you or even a 34D.

That’s one last thing i’m going to mention on this topic… to achieve the look of a D/DD, the surgeon will usually recommend what he/she thinks will create this look. Again i emphasize the word look because what looks like a DD, may in fact measure a FF, or an E. So please please please if you take anything from my blog let the main thing be this


The quicker you shake yourself out of thinking like this, the better life will be… haha i’m kidding, it’s just really important to remember and i know people can get scared off when they see that 375cc made me a FF, but that doesn’t mean 375cc = FF.

I really hope i’ve explained this well, and that i don’t sound too much like i’m having a go at people who think this way. Before i had my BA, i also thought implants were measured in cup size, so you’re not alone in thinking like this. Just try and shake yourself out of it before you get your BA. And when you go for your consultation saying.. i want to have the look of a DD, is better than saying i want to be a DD. You may come out feeling disappointed!

I’m really loving creating content for the blog right now, i feel like i’m getting my blogging mojo back, and i have some exciting posts lined up in the future… a first for BBJ, i will be featuring someone else’s story on my blog! Super exciting and i’m so glad to have this opportunity to share with you guys! Two sets of boobs are better than one ;).



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