Best Stores/Sites for Bras D/DD+


Aloha Ladies!! If you’re just joining us, hello, if you’re a regular reader, welcome back!!

Since getting my boobs done i have developed a liking, okay obsession, with buying bras and underwear. I always loved lingerie but i never used to buy nice sets because i always personally felt like a boy in them pre BA. Fortunately now i’ve had my surgery, i no longer feel this way and i am confident buying all the lingerie…

The only problem is… i have an awkward bra size. Awkward being small back, huge cup… my back size is 30 and my cup size is a FF, which can make buying bras from regular stores extremely difficult. Often i go into a shop, see a gorgeous lacey bra, only to discover the smallest/biggest size it does is 32DD.
Now i have on some occasions, when i’ve been absolutely besotted with the bra in question, committed the ultimate offence in bra shopping and… brace yourselves… bought the wrong size bra… just so i could buy it. I know… i’m an asshole… i admit. But some of them are just so f***ing gorgeous i can’t walk past them. Admittedly these bras never get as much wear as the ones that actually fit me correctly, because the band rides up, the cups don’t fit right… all of the issues women have when we buy the wrong size. It’s not a hanging offence so please do not fill my inbox or comments with information about why wearing the incorrect bra size is terrible, we all do it… i know you do too… yes i’m looking at you…

So, where do i shop for bras i hear you ask? Most people will be sat there saying ‘but theres always DD+ collections in most shops‘… have you ever noticed something about said collections… they’re never usually that sexy are they? It’s as though some of these designers think anyone with a cup size of D or above does not ever want to look sexy in her underwear or only wants maximum support for her puppies all the time… Well newsflash, we don’t. We want to look sexy, sometimes i want to wear a nice lacey number without having 3 inch wide straps ruining the look… And don’t even get me started on triangle/ non wired bras with S/M/L sizing… WHAT ABOUT ME WITH MY TINY BACK AND HUGE CUP?! A generic small size will fit my back but probably cover half of my nipple with the cup and there’s nothing sexy about that is there? So… let me share my secrets with you…

(remember all my links open in a separate window so if you’re browsing and want to open something for later, i’ve made things easier for you)

Boux Avenue
First up is Boux Avenue… my absolute FAVOURITE underwear shop for my odd size. Most of their bras are available in DD-G cup, and their back sizes go down to a 28, absolutely brilliant. They even go up to a 40G, and the appearance of the bra isn’t compromised!!  I would seriously recommend anyone who hasn’t been fitted professionally to go and do so at Boux Avenue… their staff are always wonderful, their range of bigger cup sizes is equally as gorgeous as the smaller ones, and they’re not going to break your bank. They always have offers on for sets too… my number one lingerie store!! They fit/measure snug but i prefer this to the other stores i was sized in as its more supportive and feels better.

ASOS are also a great contender for me… their range currently seems to be quite small for some reason, but is still gorgeous. They fit true to size and are always super comfortable. I always go to asos after Boux if i can’t find what i’m looking for there then ASOS usually have it. They also have at the moment, the currently popular harness style bras in stock, which are usually in the dreaded S/M/L sizing format in most stores but here they do them in DD-G! I can only assume the range is condensed at the moment because its that whole spring/summer crossover/sale period. Check back for updates and more ranges!!

Okay, so i was a bit skeptical about including this company because i know a vast majority of my readers are from the USA or the UK, and Evollove is a brand in Australia (you lucky ladies). However, you can get hold of some of this brand on ASOS and some department stores in the UK such as House of Fraser or Debenhams, though ASOS has the biggest selection. Their underwear is just absolutely gorgeous, and if it were available more easily in the UK it would definitely be my first choice. You Aus girls are super lucky!! Super comfy and they come in gorgeous designs no matter the size. Brilliant!

Pour Moi
Okay so, Pour Moi, bit hit and miss for me… their range of swimwear for fuller busts is in my opinion better than some of their bras, but… still as great brand. They’re available on FigLeaves, BraStop, Next, ASOS, Very and SimplyBeach for their swimwear… extremely easily to get hold of, and some of their styles are gorgeous! They fit nicely, and they wash nice as well!!

These are just four of my go to places where i buy my bras from. I do occasionally use other shops such as New Look, Ann Summers, and i do own a few Victoria’s Secret bras, in the wrong size, oops, these are just my personal picks.

Let me know yours!! When leaving a comment, you don’t have to use your real name, you can use an alias, i know some people can be put off by having to sign up for things to post a comment, but that isn’t the case with my blog i promise!

I hope you enjoyed this post, i loved writing it, and i may have purchased more bras during the process of getting the hyperlinks for the sites… oops.

Until the next post!

Love always





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