Change is coming…

logog 2
Heyyy Everyone!! Me again… three posts in the space of a few days… i know… i’ve even shocked myself haha!! I have another two scheduled so please check back for them!!

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And i get to read your lovely blogs too (if you have one)!

Anyway… stay on topic… there may be some noticeable changes over the course of the next week or so… the blog has had the same look for a good year now, and while i feel it has served me well, i also feel like a change. A fresh new look for the blog. It really makes me feel excited about creating content for the blog when i’m happy with the appearance. Now i’ve purchased my own domain i get to be a bit more creative with things, and i really hope you guys like the new look i’m hoping to create!

The most noticeable thing is going to be the colours and imagery. The layout will remain the same (i think) but i’ve decided to go for some brighter colours that make things stand out more. I was feeling like the old blog looked a bit flat and pastel and i felt like brightening things up a bit!

The next noticeable change is the menu at the top. It no longer is cluttered with all my different categories… but have no fear… they’re all still there, now just organised tidily away underneath Pre Op and Post Op… i feel like things were looking cluttered and a bit messy with all the different categories so i created drop downs instead.

And once again… don’t forget you can use the search feature at the top left of the screen above my ‘About Me’ widget if there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Wow. That was a lot of information haha! Basically what i’m trying to say is please bare with me over the next week or so while i adjust things on the site… it shouldn’t ever go down, fingers crossed, but if it does… have no fear it’s just me playing about with the appearance!!


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