Dealing with the Boobie Greed…


Boobie Greed. 
The feeling, usually post op, that you should have gone bigger with your implants. 

Okay so… everyone will at some point have boobie greed. It’s a completely natural feeling post op and i’d be shocked if someone said they had never experienced this even remotely at some point after surgery. It can come early post op, or years later. Some people have it so much that they end up having another surgery and going bigger. But what do you do when that just isn’t an option, but you can’t stop thinking about it?

Surgery costs a lot of money, and chances are unless it’s years and years later and you’ve had chance to save, or you have a lot of money and can afford to do another one, having another surgery just isn’t possible for some people. I know if i wanted another surgery i would have to save up for it… and i don’t have a house to run, or that many big bills to pay so god only knows how you women with full houses to run do it… SAINTS all of you!

I experienced my boobie greed around 4/5 months post op. My boobs had started to settle and i began feeling like i should have gone bigger. The hardest thing when you’re preparing for your BA is definitely choosing your size. It’s so hard to tell what a certain amount will look like on yourself due to height/weight/body measurements/lifestyle (eg fitness), sizers are good, but nothing will ever accurately predict exactly what your boobs will turn out like (i know they do these imaging scans etc now but it’s never going to look the exact same). So if you come out post op and you had a different image of how your breasts would turn out in your head, it can be a bit disheartening.

Key things to consider when dealing with boobie greed, that personally helped me are:

 1. Before your boob job you were unhappy with your breasts.
Usually your boobs would have been a lot smaller pre-op so just keep this in mind. I looked at old pictures to remind me how much bigger they are now compared to what they used to be, and it made me feel tons better.

2. If it’s early post op – YOUR BOOBS ARE NOT FINISHED HEALING.
This is one of the main things you need to remember. Your boobs are going through a healing process, and though you may think they haven’t changed or are done dropping, chances are they really aren’t. People say you will see changes for up to a year, but if you follow my blog you will know that 2 years post op my breasts still changed from a year earlier. Give yourself time to heal. Your boobs will settle. And chances are by the time they do you’ll feel tons better about them.

3. Do not compare yourself to others with the same CC amount.
Okay so, this one is alllllways something i try to reiterate to people, not just in terms of boobie greed but in general.
Every single person is different.
I have 375cc, i’m 5ft9, weigh 62kg, am a size 6/8 and i have a 30 inch back. 375cc on me, will look completely different to 375cc on someone who is 5ft2, a size 10 and has a 34/36 inch back. Implants will look different on everyone. They would look different on someone who might have the exact same stats as me. Do not compare yourself to others. Your body is unique and that is why you might not have got as much bang for your buck. Or maybe you got more bang for your buck!! Comparing yourself is lethal.

This one was a big one for me. I used to actively use JBI, i’m talking every single day, even post op. This was where my boobie greed stemmed from, i kept seeing all these women with slightly bigger breasts than mine and thinking… why don’t my boobs look like that? Or i would see someone who’s breasts hung a little more ‘natural’ in my own definition, and i got myself psyched up thinking i wasn’t happy. So what did i do? I logged off. For months i never even so much as looked at my notifications for it. JBI is an absolutely fantastic tool for anyone considering a breast augmentation, but it can be lethal if you become obsessive the way i was. Sometimes logging off from seeing other peoples boob jobs and only seeing your own breasts every day can really help you overcome any issues you may have with them. I started looking at my own breasts in a more positive way. Even now i don’t log on that much because i start to fall into the trap of ‘my boobs aren’t enough for me’. Yep, even two years post op the thoughts still enter my head. You have to just ignore them and think… my boobs rock.

5. You look AMAZING.
Tell yourself this every day. Seriously, every day. You weren’t happy with your breasts pre-op, so you changed them and now they may not be as big as you imagined, and maybe sandrasnewboobs16 went bigger than you and hers look really good… but so do yours. You have boobs. Say that to yourself over and over. Try on some of your sexy underwear, go and ask your SO, if you have one, what they think of your boobs. Show them off in a cute top, cute dress, buy yourself some new underwear, in your new size that you never imagined you would ever be. If you can’t log off the forums, upload a photo of your own boobs, and watch the compliments flood in. Look at pictures of your old breasts pre-op and stack them on top of pictures of your new breast post-op like i do with my pictures!! Honestly, seeing the change side by side always makes me feel better when i’m having a boobie greed day!! And if you feel like your boobs haven’t changed in a long time, take a new picture and stack it up against one from the early days. Bet you £20 they look different don’t they?

Chin up, stop looking at other womens boob jobs, and really sit and learn to love your own. It’s hard, really hard sometimes, i have been there believe me… to get it out your head, but just remember that you have boobs now. And you look awesome.

If any of you ever feel like this, remember i am always here to talk to. Chances are the feelings you’re having, i’ve experienced at some point during my journey. We’re all in the same boat girls, lets use this as a tool to help each other feel better.

You can always contact me on … i LOVE hearing from you all it honestly makes my day!!

As always, i love you



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