Things got way worse…

So my last post. Was about my broken back. 6 weeks and I’d be healed right…

Sadly not. Yesterday things took a turn and I got admitted to hospital. I was still in so much pain and I felt like it was getting worse again. 

So I went back to the emergency room and they did a CT scan and then admitted me for what was supposed to be one night. 

Then this morning I was informed that the break is actually a lot worse than they originally thought last week and I was misdiagnosed and should not have been sent home without a brace. 

I’ve not fractured one vertebrae as they originally said. I’ve fractured five. 

Resulting in insane amounts of pain, me not being able to move and being fitted with a brace hopefully tomorrow!! It was supposed to be today but the NHS is so slow. 

I’m so so lucky. Things could have been so much worse. Things are still bad. But. Now I’ve had the right diagnosis I can start healing properly. 

I’ll be in the brace for three months. And I can’t dance for four 😦 this makes me so extremely sad but at least I can walk hey! Albeit it a bit difficult!

So I ask again for your positive thoughts and vibes. Healing vibes would be great haha. And hopefully I can go home tomorrow!! 

So for now the blog post I had planned won’t be able to go up for another few weeks. I’ll write something else that doesn’t take as much effort though for the intermittent time!! And I’ll include some sexy brace shots once I’ve been fitted 😉 

Love you all



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