An update…

Okay so… Last you heard from me I had a post in the making… I still do… It’s all in my journal ready to be typed up in a better format than just my scribbles!! 

Unfortunately I had an accident during circus training (I’m a performer) 2 days ago where I fell from a height and landed on my neck and consequently I’ve broken my back. I’m so so lucky because my spinal cord isn’t damaged and it’s a stable fracture which means it’s being held in place by all my muscles and ligaments. 

This means I’m on strict bed rest for a while. And sitting at a computer would be out of the question 100% for the mean time. And this post isn’t one I feel like typing up on my phone seems as it’s a long one and I have charts and pictures to insert. 

So I may be a bit sporadic on the posting. But rest assured. I will be back… No pun intended 😉 

Having a broken back means being on bed rest and thought it sounds like fun being waited on hand a foot every day and lying down watching endless Netflix… It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…. Sorry. I’ll stop with the puns now! If ya can’t laugh you’ll cry!! 


Hopefully my recovery becomes a lot less painful than it is right now. And I can resume blogging shortly. I love you all

Please send positive vibes and healing thoughts my way!!

Although things are bad for me right now. I’m just so so lucky I haven’t done worse damage. Ironically I’ve actually fell from higher heights and not hurt myself!! Oh life!! 

Anyway… Healing thoughts and positive vibes!! And if anyone has any tv series/ film / book recommendations for me during my 6 weeks of nothing. I’d be eternally grateful! 

Love always



2 thoughts on “An update…

    • R xo says:

      Thank you so much!! Hahaha I’m going to add every one of them to my list thank you so much!! Things actually got much worse and I’m back in hospital but as soon as I’m home I’m on it. I might start with teen wolf! I watch the originals is it anything like that?

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