HOW TO – DIY Rice Sizers…


Today’s post is a little different from my usual advice style posts… while it still counts as advice i thought i would do a little post on creating your own sizers!

Now opinions are mostly divided on this one, some say it’s a good idea, some say it’s a terrible idea; the jury is still out. Either way i’m going to show you how i made my rice sizers.

Before i begin i must, as always, express that this is just how i made them, personally – i’m pretty sure this is the only way you can make them, but if anyone has any other methods or tips, please share in the comments!!

What you will need:
– An old pair of tights / new pair either is fine! (i’m not sure if you call them pantyhose in the US?)
– A bag of rice – white is fine.
– A measuring jug with ML down the side
– Elastic Bands

Making your sizers
Okay so the fun part.
The first and main thing to remember is that 1ml is the same as 1cc. So 300ml of rice, will be the same as 300cc. I know some other methods use a 1 cup = 240cc ratio, but we don’t use the cup measurement so much in the UK, and i personally found this to be a lot easier as you have a bit more control and can be a bit more precise!

So, now you have an implant size in mind (i’m going to use my implant size 375cc) go ahead and pour the amount of CC = ML into the measuring jug. So again, for 375cc i would pour in the rice to the 375ml mark.   

  Next step is to cut the feet out of your tights/pantyhose. Remember, don’t cut them too small as you won’t be able to tie them properly or maybe even fill them enough.


Once you have two little socks from your tights, place the tights over a cup like so…

I used a pint glass as it was easier to fill up without spilling the rice over the top too much.

After filling up your little sock, 


take it out of the glass and just give it a little shake so all the rice gathers in the bottom end of it, allowing you more material to tie up like so…

Be sure not to tie it too loose as it may affect the profile of the sizer; if you tie it loose you may get more of a low profile effect from your sizer.

Next take an elastic band and tie it around the top of the ‘sock’ to secure it in place, then cut off the extra bits of material you don’t need.


Once you have your sizer, you need to shape it based on what profile you have chosen, this is the part i think some people have issues with… you can never truly mimic the implant with rice sizers, but for me personally this was just to give me an idea of what it would look like in clothes.

I have High Profile implants, so i tried to mimic the look of high profile when pushing my sizer into shape… please note as it is rice and not a solid form, it will probably move about a bit when you put it in your bra, so you may need to push it into shape again when you wear it.

The final step is to put it into your bra… for this part i recommend purchasing a sports bra in a big size. I used my post op sports bra which was a 34DD.
Obviously for this part i can’t really show you what it looks like finished under my clothes haha because i obviously now have implants, so the effect would not be the same… school boy error, i should have written this post pre-op haha!!

Again, rice sizers are not the most accurate way to determine what you will look like post op, but it’s a bit of fun and i personally loved walking around the house with mine in, despite them being annoying after a while haha. I even once wore mine out to a party under a dress… this was a few weeks post op and i wanted to see whether anyone would notice or pass comment on my boobs being bigger!!

Happy DIY-ing!!

Love Always



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