Okay so don’t freak out…. This post was scheduled to go up on Sunday. As promised. And yet again. WordPress has failed me again… And i only just checked the site today… So. With many apologies and without further delay…Here it goes…

January 28th marked my two year birthday for the boobs!!

Yepppp. It’s really been two years!!

It’s absolutely crazy to think that it’s been two years since my boob job. It literally feels like it was 9 months ago. But no. Two whole years have passed. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get a breast augmentation.

The past two years since getting my boobs done has seen an increase in my confidence, in all aspects of life. And that is by far the best thing about having my surgery. I no longer get sweaty palms and have a panic attack at the thought of having to wear something where I can’t wear a bra, I no longer spend hours on the internet before a holiday searching for super-duper 3 cup sizes bigger – bikini tops, and I finally feel confident taking my bra off in the bedroom. My confidence has sky rocketed and it may seem superficial to those who don’t have breast related self esteem issues but it really does affect you.

So for my two year boobie birthday I thought I would share a collection of photos starting from (the bottom now we here… sorry couldn’t resist…) from Pre-BA right up to now!!

Hopefully you enjoy this post… i feel like it’s seen as a cop out because its more a photo post than blog post, however these are the things i love to see. There’s nothing better than a great before and after!!

Here’s to many more boobilicious years!!!!

Love Always



So above we’ve got:

Pre Op. PO day 4

PO day 7. PO day 9.

PO day 11. PO day 16

PO 34 days. PO 2 months

PO 4 months. PO 5 months

PO 13 months. PO 13 months

And finally below we have…

Pre Op. Post Op 1 year. Post Op 2 years

I think what’s amazing and something to take note of if you’re maybe 8 months + and feel like they won’t change anymore… You can see that between my 1 year and 2 year photos, my breasts look like they’ve dropped a little bit since 1 year post op. It’s only a slight difference but honestly… I only noticed this change like two weeks ago when I took the bottom photo… Don’t loose hope. They will change as you change. And I’m proof of that!! The best thing about my size is that i can play them up or down in clothing, but they still look good naked!! I may have my doubts about them from time to time, wondering whether i should have gone a little bit bigger, but ultimately i know they look fab as they are, and that’s good enough for me 🙂

For anyone who’s awaiting surgery very soon, congratulations!! And remember… i’m always on hand if you ever need advice, have questions, or want a friend 🙂


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