Time to get lippy…

Good evening on this crisp, super cold, Sunday! I hope we’re all good and that our weekends have been relaxed and fulfilling!!

This sunday I come with some exciting news!! The blog could potentially have another ‘cosmetic surgery’ story on the way….

I may have mentioned this before. Way back when I started, I may have not, but, for years and years I have wanted to get my lips done… I actually joked about getting them done while I was already under for my boobs but that’s not the done thing apparently haha boooo!! 

The main reason I’ve never actually took the plunge is that lips make up a big part of your appearance, which seem like they can so easily go wrong and you’re left looking like Jackie Stallone as opposed to a subtle plumping… I have always been super nervous that if I got my lips done it would go wrong, look too fake, be too much, and I’ve spent literally years looking for a clinic that has lots of lip fillers under their belt and a good portfolio of natural fillers! 

Last week I finally found one!!

The thing about my lips is, I’ve always hated them, my top lip is thinner than my bottom, and I have a wonky jaw, which I can notice more by looking at my lips. They slant off to one side a tiny amount which most people wouldn’t and don’t notice until I point it out… But it always bothers me. Every photo I see I notice my lips. Every video I see of myself I notice my lips. It’s become to bother me the same way my small boobs did. 

So I’m making the step and I have a consultation booked in three weeks time. I’m very excited as I’ve looked at a lot of their work and it seems like they do exactly what I am looking for!! A subtly enhanced lip, that could maybe make my jaw look a bit more even. I’ll attach a photo of my lips now so people can see!! 

(Ooooh sneak peak of my face!!) 

I’m so excited. But incredibly nervous also!! But I’m looking forward to taking you guys along for the ride… Again!! 

Love alwaysssss



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