The Breast Thing About My BA

As I get undressed in front the mirror every evening when I return from work, one of the nicest things to do is take off my bra. I know all ladies will be with me on that one. Along with cuddles and bringing me food, it’s one of my favourite things. And each night. As I repeat this same satisfying task, I think the same exact thoughts… ‘I am so glad I got my boobs done’.

I am reminded constantly of the good things that have come since getting a breast augmentation. And as vain as that may sound, I couldn’t be happier that I took the plunge and had it done.

With that being said I compiled a list of things I love about finally having boobs!!

1. Being able to go bra-less… ALL the time. I’m not talking walking round butt ass naked, but being able to wear a tank top ‘Rachel from friends’ style with no bra and not feeling like a 12yo boy is such a good feeling!

2. Wearing backless/ strapless/ low cut clothing… I always longed to be able to wear those sexy backless dresses and deeply cut neck lines but the thought of this pre BA gave me anxiety… Now it’s pretty much all my wardrobe contains!!

3. Wearing a sports bra… Okay so this one is a positive as well and negative. I never needed a sports bra pre-ba and I always wanted to wear those gorgeous VS ones… Now I can, but it also feels so good to take it off after a workout.

4. Confidence… Although I’ve always been confident, I was never confident about my boobs. Post BA I am more confident than ever!

5. Cleavage… The first time I could roll into my side post op I almost shed a tear I was so happy… I finally have a cleavage, which I can play up or down, instead of just a gap of chest!

6. All the bras… I have always loved delicate, feminine, sexy lace bras, pre BA I only dreamed of being able to wear them… Now I have a huge bra collection which takes up two draws!! And this is my favourite thing everrrr!!

7. Being able to take my bra off during sex… I know to most people this will sound silly, but people considering a BA will understand… Pre-boobs I dreaded this. I kept my bra on for as long as i could, and most of the time I just didn’t take it off. Now I don’t care and will take my bra off happily and still feel sexy and confident.

8. THEY JIGGLE WHEN I RUN… this need NO explanation hahaha

So there we have it, 8 things i love about my boobs. It may seem superficial, it may seem vain, but i honestly just feel like its one of the best things ive ever done.

This post was something a little different to usual, hopefully something fun to scroll through! What are your favourite things about having boobs!! Let me know!



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