What do you want to see…? Pics/Posts/Let me know!


Sooooo… life has taken over, i seem to find myself jotting down a million and one blog post ideas, and then saving half drafts of brief bullet points to turn into posts, and then never getting round to writing them.

I have a simple life compared to some other people, i work semi-set hours (even though i always end up working past when my shift ends), i don’t have any children, i don’t have a huge household to run, however, i do tend to be quite busy despite not really ever doing much, if that makes sense.

Another big reason that i’ve not posted as much, or not felt like writing blog posts, is that my boyfriend and i split up. Its been almost 5 months, but we were still very very much in love, so the break up was a complete shock to the system, and even though my good days outweigh my bad days now, it’s been a rough ride, and i still don’t feel like i am 100% okay. I’m not going to go into the reasons why we split up, we’re still very close, and it was nothing awful like cheating or anything like that, it was just a culmination of things. And my heart hurts very much. I know that it’s a shitty excuse, but heartbreak does funny things to us folk, and i feel that sitting down and writing a blog post religiously every single week would not have helped.


Onto better, brighter things! I want to know what you guys want to hear from me! Please please pleaseeeee let me know. I see you guys every single day, even when i haven’t posted in weeks, i see you in my stats, you’re there i know you are, and i am SO beyond happy that my blog gets so much traffic and i’m hopefully helping at least a few of you! But now i want to hear from you! I receive a few emails from women, and it is always soooo lovely to open my inbox and find that some of you want to communicate with me!

So i want to know what you want from me in terms of posts, pictures, are there certain questions you want answers to but i haven’t covered it in any of my posts, are there certain photos you would like to see, different angles, whatever you guys want to know, i want to know!

So if you’re not one to comment, drop me an email at boobjobjourney@outlook.com , i want to hear from you!

And this way i can provide content you really want to read. It can be anything! Even if i have addressed it in a previous post but you want an updated post, anything!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!




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