Harley Medical Group – REVIEW – Breast Augmentation

Goooood Afternoon! My first post back after my hiatus is going to be one i actually wrote months ago, when auto save once again decided not to do its job, thus resulting in my entire post being deleted. Thank you auto save ❤

So here we go with attempt number two of….

Harley Medical Group – Review

Okay so i’m going to do this review in a questionnaire style manner, as i think its a bit better than writing one huge block of text, which i tend to do a lot.

For those of you new to my blog, who may be reading this for the first time, i had a Breast Augmentation in January 2014, woosh seems like forever ago now, and this blog is my entire journey documented for you to read. I share photos, stories, ups and downs, basically my own experience of a boob job. I had my breast augmentation in England where i am from, with Harley Medical Group.

  1. What made you choose Harley Medical Group for your breast augmentation?
    I looked around at numerous clinics before making my choice, i called them up to see how the staff in the clinics were: if they were friendly, were they helpful, were they pushy. And i found that of all the places i spoke to, Harley Medical seemed the most down to earth. I originally ordered a brochure off them online, so simple to do and it arrived in a few days. I was then contacted by the clinic to see if i had any questions or wanted to come in for a consultation. They were so lovely, so friendly, and when i went in for my consultation, the nurse had also had a BA herself, so was super knowledgeable, and she answered all my questions with patience and a friendly attitude. I was sold then and there. Throughout my entire journey with Harley Medical, from that first initial contact, to my surgery, to post op appointments, i never once felt worried or doubted my choice of clinic. Every single person i dealt with was lovely, caring and i felt like they genuinely cared about me as a person, not just a number.

2. What was your pre-op care like?
In the months leading up to my surgery, i had four pre-op appointments with Harley Medical, including my first consultation. My consultation was in September, and seens as my surgery was in January, i didn’t see anyone again until January when i met my surgeon. I know in the states you have your consultation with your surgeon, but here seens as most surgeons are based all around the country, the general consensus seems to be that you have a consultation with a nurse first who will show you sizes, profiles, give advice etc. And then make all your official size decisions with the surgeon at a later date. So i met my surgeon in January, who was just as lovely as the rest of the staff. Then i had my pre-op appointment to do blood tests etc 3 weeks before surgery. After this i also scheduled another appointment, if you follow my blog you will know all about my sizing decisions (if not read all about it here), this extra appointment was because i was having last minute worries about my size choice. My surgeon was absolutely lovely about this, so understanding, and he offered to take two different sizes to surgery with me and i could choose on the day. Ahhhhmazing! My pre op care was fantastic, i was so well looked after. I’m absolutely terrified of needles, see here, and everyone was so nice about it and so caring. It really did make me feel at ease.

3. What was your surgeon like?
My surgeon was AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend him enough! His name was Dr Bernard Sleiter, he was italian and he was just wonderful. The nurse in my first consultation recommended him to me as she had her breast augmentation with him also and said he was one of the best for achieving a natural looking boob job. I couldn’t agree more. Right from the get go, which is unusual it would seem, i had very good boobs. I had no frankenboob, my boobs were round, if a little swollen, and they have only gotten better with time. Every single person who has ever seen my boobs post op has commented on how natural they look. In and out of a bra. See some of my photographic posts and you will see for yourself. They look so natural. Aside from appearance, my surgeon was super knowledgeable, he knew what my band width was without even taking the measurement, he got everything perfect. And he was just the nicest guy. Very friendly, professional, and clearly experienced, i would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat!

4. Did you have surgery in a hospital or the clinic?
I know in america and with some cosmetic surgery companies in the UK, surgery is performed in the actual clinic where you have your consultations. For me this was not the case, and in all honesty, this is one of the biggest reasons i went with Harley Medical. I know some people may be okay with that, i am not judging your choice at all, but for me, someone who had never had an operation before, i wanted it done in a hospital. Not an office. Despite how clinical these rooms are in the clinic, i would not have felt comfortable going to the clinic and being operated on in that same place. It just wouldn’t have felt right to me personally. Not because of the building/staff/ anything like that, but because i just believe that if you’re having surgery you should be having it in a hospital, not in someones office. That’s my personal opinion and you can disagree with me, and most people would prefer to not have to be admitted to hospital etc. But for me, going home two hours after my operation could not have been less appealing. Harley Medical use private hospitals, so it’s nothing like having surgery in an NHS hospital. I had my own private room with my own private bathroom, a tv, it was very cosy, and my parents were allowed to stay with me all day prior to surgery, and then they stayed until 10:30 at night post surgery. The nurses checked on me every half hour or so, monitoring my blood pressure, checking if i was in pain, and i honestly  would not have felt comfortable going home in the state i was in. The anesthetic is still in your system and so is the morphine, that first 24 hours are crucial and i believe being monitored in a safe hospital environment was the best way for me. My surgeon and the anesthetist* came round to check if i was okay, after surgery and in the morning before i was discharged. This isn’t possible if you’re at home!

*My anesthetist did this of his own accord to make sure i was alright as i had a bit of a panic attack whilst going down to theatre and i was crying and freaking out when they were administering the anesthetic. He was such a lovely man, he held my hand and wiped my tears and kept me talking about random stuff so as to not focus on what was going on around me. Just, lovely!

5. What was your post-op care like?
My post op care was, as predicted, outstanding. If you’re new to my blog, or haven’t read back to my very early post op blog posts, i had an allergic reaction to basically everything. This could not have been predicted as i have never had anesthetic/morphine before and i have always been okay with various antibiotics. I came out of hospital the day after my surgery, on a wednesday, and to begin with, all was grand. Sure i was a bit groggy and super sore/tender, but for the most part, okay. It was when i got home and started taking my antibiotics that the problems occurred. I for some unknown reason developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, and the morphine, and the anesthetic. It wasn’t by any means life threatening, but it did however make me sick, physically. Let me tell you, this is probably the worst pain / experience ive ever had, and although i joke about it now, at one point i did actually think i might die. I was fine, i just needed to get it out my system, but of course at the time i just assumed the worst. I contacted HM, and they were so lovely, my mum did all the talking, until my nurse asked to talk to me, she asked me a lot of questions and reassured me that she would contact Dr Sleiter and everything was going to be alright. This was late hours on the wednesday evening, she contacted me back and asked to see me asap on the thursday. I went into the clinic, they checked me over, told me i was going to be okay, and my surgeon contacted me and told me that he was confident that he had administered enough antibiotics intravenously during surgery, and took me off the tablets. This definitely helped with the sickness, i was throwing up for around four days in total, and i did loose a stone in weight, due to throwing up and loss of appetite, but again, my nurse was amazing. She told me to drink smoothies, try to eat even when i didn’t feel like it, take vitamins, take meal replacement shakes to keep my strength up when i couldn’t stomach food. She was amazing, she called me to check i was okay, during the four days, and i just can’t explain how good the care i received was from everyone. Even the girls on reception who i spoke to when calling my nurse a few times, all were concerned as to if i was okay, and how i had been doing over the last few days. Just all round lovely people!

Move forward a year and all my post op appointments have ran smoothly. I was discharged from them in September of last year, but again, if you read my blog, you will know i have some slight rippling when i lean forwards, not a lot, just a little, and when i emailed the clinic regarding this, without any further questions they said they wanted to see me and carry out a breast exam to make sure and put my mind at ease. They have just been so lovely to me throughout, and even then when i had my breast exam, my nurse, the reception staff, everyones response was ‘we are ALWAYS here if you need us, please do not hesitate to get in touch no matter what it is’. And what more can you ask for than that?

5. Would you recommend Harley Medical Group?
If i could shout it from the rooftops i would. YES YES YES YES YES. From start to finish they were amazing. From their knowledge, their skills, to their friendly attitudes, i can’t honestly recommend them enough. They were professional, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and everything you could possibly want for your surgery. They may have cost me a little more than some other companies, but you truly do get what you pay for, and i wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. I trusted them 100% and they have never let me down yet!

Please remember that all the opinions in this post are my own and i am not affiliated in any way with Harley Medical Group. It’s just one happy customer to another potential customer, as always, sharing my advice, opinions and tips from my own personal experience.

If you do want to check out Harley Medical for your own plastic surgery, they do other things as well as Breast Augmentation then definitely check them out, i’ll insert a link here. They were the perfect choice for me and my boob job 😀

Till next time…



2 thoughts on “Harley Medical Group – REVIEW – Breast Augmentation

  1. Sophie says:

    Hello. Is there any was I can contact you? I know this post is quite old now but I am having my BA next week! 6 days away. I’m also with mr sleiter. I’m just wanting to ask some questions. I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone who has had the same surgeon so getting a little worried now about it all. Thanks, Sophie.

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