Where are you now? (An apology)

Okay sooooooooo, it’s been over a month since my last post. I had scheduled a DIY post to go up shortly after, and you’re probably thinking… it never appeared?

Firstly i am SO sorry! I spent a long time composing this post and taking photos for it and for some reason it never saved 😦 which is very sad for me. Autosave has not worked in my favour on numerous occasions now!

Secondly, i would loike to offer my excuses… it’s a valid one i swear! My sister is getting married, in two days, and i have been so super busy with bridesmaid duties, what with being maid of honour, i’ve literally had no time to myself… seriously, not even time for my favourite netflix binges (i have about 10 episodes of suits on backlog to watch after the wedding!)

So, the posts will not resume this week, however, i will aim to redo the DIY post, or at least some form of post for next week. I feel like if i did scheduled update days then i might be able to stick to it a bit better, but i won’t hold myself to anything right now.

Right now it’s wedding, dresses, bows, placecards, makeup, hair, every  bridal need my sister has, i cater to. So you can see why ive slacked in the posting department!

Anyway, mega mega apologies, again, i love you all, and i will be back up and running shortly… hopefully… 😉



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