Rippling…. UPDATE 

I had my breast exam!! Everything is a okay. Thank god. Just some harmless rippling that could be due to weight loss, or also because I tend to not wear a bra. The weight of the implant could be too heavy for my skin and is a using it to stretch a little more, and showing the rippling. Either way I’m glad I went and got checked. Always better to be safe than sorry. 

One thing I have said before and will say again, the aftercare provided by Harley Medical has been amazing. The whole package of care actually, from start to finish, and even now almost a year on from being discharged from their care, they are always more than willing to help. And always tell me the same thing 

“We’re here if you need us”

This is just yet another reason why I’m thankful I spent the extra money on going with a reputable company. I truly feel like I have, and am continuing to, get what I paid for. 
New post coming about DIY boobs!!!! 

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. Working six days a week for a month and trying to cram all my odd jobs and errands into a Sunday has proved difficult!! But I have a day off this week!! Hurrahhhh!! So prepare for lots more posts!! 

Love always 



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