UPDATE – Rippling…

Okay so i haven’t had my appointment yet but it’s been on my mind all week obviously, and i was thinking, maybe starting back doing weights in the gym has caused my rippling? I’ve also been doing a lot of heavy lifting in work lately, pulling shutters up and down, lifting heavy objects, just trying to think of some different ways in which i might have done it.

I’m intrigued to see what they say could be causing it and why it’s happened so suddenly… i’m noticing it way more as the time goes on, hoping that it’s maybe just a case of once you see something you cant unsee it rather than a case of it just getting worse and worse!!

We shall see!

Is it weird that i’m a little nervous? I know it’s highly likely that it’s ripppling, but part of me is obviously thinking what if something else is causing the rippling, or what if upon examination of my boobs they find something else.

Jee wizzzzzz, who would’ve thought this would happen eh!

Love always



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