Update: Rippling?! 

Soooo my nurse from my clinic emailed me back and said she and my PS would like me to come in for a medical examination on my breasts. She said she’s 80% sure it is harmless rippling but they would like to see me and examine my breasts fully to cover all bases. 

Unfortunately I’m working 6 days a week at the moment and the earliest I can go for an appointment is a week on Tuesday. So we will see what they say then! 

Will keep you all updated!!

Hey I guess looking at this in a positive way… It’s all experience for the blog haha!! And something I can use to give you guys help and advice in the future 🙂 
Love you always 



2 thoughts on “Update: Rippling?! 

  1. samantha says:

    Hello there, I always follow your blog, it’s fab, and we in fact have the same surgeon! Dr sleieter?
    I’m 6 weeks post op tomorrow, and he did a fab job, and I also had the 375cc unders. Are yours mentor? Like you say, it seems strange to have rippling, are yours under the muscle too?

    I don’t know if you have ever visited breast buddies, boob job support forum? But it’s so good, and British?. I love realself for pics but a lot of people on it are American so the advice over the pond is so different to what we brits are given, don’t you find!? Lol! Anyway, if you need some advise there a great bunch, I’m Twinky on there btw 🙂

    Good luck, I will be following your progress and hope you get it sorted without surgery.


    • R xo says:

      Hiii!!!! Aw thank you so much!! How random that we have the same surgeon! Yeah i loved him he was amazing. He’s quite known for natural looking breast implants so always has good results! And even more random that we have the exact same size and placement!! Yeah mine are under the muscle. It’s not very common with silicones but can occur in anyone i guess i’m just unlucky haha! I’ve not heard of breast buddies before i’ll have to check it out! I’ve been a member of Just Breast Implants for a year and a bit but thats american so i’ll defo check out the british one!! It’s def different over the pond! I’ll check it out and try and find you 🙂 How do you like your boobs? X

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