Rippling… Eek!!

Helloooo, so what was supposed to be a lovely little DIY boob related post (I’m not talking do your own boob job don’t worry) is going to be switched to an OH MY GOD IVE GOT RIPPLING post. 

Yep. 18 months post op I have noticed that when I lean forwards I get what looks like rippling on the outer side of my boobs…

Im yet to hear from my surgeon about whether it definitely is, but I’ve consulted the wise ladies of JBI and the results were conclusive. It looks like I’ve developed rippling. 

I am so gutted because i’m 99% sure that it’s only recently happened as I have never noticed it before! A few women suggested that it could be caused by losing weight, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost any, but then again I have been going to the gym again so maybe I’ve lost weight and gained muscle?

 Others said that they developed it years later because breast implants thin the tissue, but after having a mild panic attack and googling this within an inch of my life, it seems that tissue atrophy is only usually when people get largeeeee breast implants. And though mine are classed as large implants (anything over 350 is) I’m almost certain it won’t be this. And as the rippling is in a place where I doubt there’s breast tissue anyway, it’s probably not likely to be atrophy. 

Another explanation is simply because I didn’t have a large amount of breast tissue to start out with, this is a common side effect apparently, though upon googling rippling in my style implant, I spotted that less than 1% of women will experience rippling in the first three years. Here’s to being in that 1% 😉 

Either way I’m going to ask my surgeon to take a look at it. If it’s something that likely won’t get any worse then i can live with it for now. If it’s something that could cause a problem and complication then I’ll have to consider my options of another surgery. But hoping that it’s just something that will either go away, or not get any worse. 

I’ll keep you all updated when I hear back from my PS. He’s currently out of office till next week so it will likely be then that I update you!! 

As always. Lots of love to you all. 

Truly it really does amaze me that so many people read my blog every day. Be you a new visitor or a recurring BBJ visitor, you’re amazing. Thank you. 



4 thoughts on “Rippling… Eek!!

    • R xo says:

      They’re silicone, memory gel ones, so it’s meant to be not as common, sucks to be in that tiny percentage of cases where it happens 😦 apparently if you go with over filled saline it’s less likely to happen with saline ones but I didn’t want saline as there’s always a leaking possibility, and silicone feel more natural I feel! I’m just hoping they don’t get any worse 😦 someone suggested putting weight back on to disguise it or fat transfer but I’m feeling that’s drastic haha!!

      • Mz. Nichols says:

        How weird!!!! I didn’t even know you could get rippling with silicone!!! That is just crazy! I’m not sure I would go to those extreme lengths either.

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