18 Month Update!


It’s been 18 months since i had my boob job, and i thought i would write an update post for you all! I can’t actually believe that it’s been that long since i had them done, it feels like it was only about 6 months ago, but no, it’s true, 18 months have passed and the boobs have gone through so many changes!

The first major change is how much they have dropped. There were times when i thought dropping was over for me, and i started panicking. I was so worried that the drop and fluff fairies had left me off their list, but alas, i did see dropping. Honestly i feel like i’ve seen so much dropping still in the last 4 months or so, so i’m now a firm believer that we’re always changing, even after 1 year on, so don’t give up hope if you’re not seeing as much as you would have liked!!

Another major change is the feel of them, obviously as it’s been 18 months, they’re getting softer and softer. I’m not going to lie and say that i’m 100% happy with the softness of them right now though, and i am hoping that they will just continue to soften, which would make sense really seen as they are silicone, i imagine that they will just always get softer and softer… we will see!! They’re still very soft compared to what they were, and the only time i notice that they feel a bit more firm is when i’m lay down and they’re not affected by the gravity as much haha!

I don’t experience any pain or anything at all, my scars give me no grief what so ever, and my implants 100% feel like my own breasts. I often get asked whether they feel ‘foreign’ to my body, and the answer is definitely no. When i first got them done, they did feel kind of ‘stuck on’, like i felt as though they weren’t molded with my body, but that feeling doesn’t last as long as you would imagine, and now 18 months on they feel exactly like my own boobs.

I still have some numbness on the underneath of my breast, under my nipples, but my nipples have full sensitivity back, in fact i would say that they are more sensitive now than they were pre boob job. This isn’t a bad thing though haha!! I don’t think that the numbness will ever go away, i will attach a photo to show you where it is, but it’s not an issue, it’s a small area and i never notice it.

The one thing i do have a slight issue with is the side profile of my implants, and the gap between my breasts. My implants are actually the perfect size for my body, they are in the perfect position, and i’ve been told by another plastic surgeon in the US that i actually have a very beautiful result for the profile i have (HP). The ‘issue’ is with the profile i have, with HP implants, they are designed to have more projection than the other profiles, thus making them perfect for people with little breast tissue. See picture below…

The thing i’m not in love with about the high profile implants is that they are narrower from side to side than say a moderate profile, so where the high profile is perfect for me in the sense that they look better because they’ve got better projection, i dont really get a cleavage, and i sometimes feel as though they ‘stick out’ from the side and i don’t have as much cleavage as i would like naturally. In clothes they look fine, it’s just without that i wish they had that natural sort of ‘sag’ in the crease, and i need a bra to properly give me cleavage. I wish they were just a little closer together like on the bottom picture below. Someone told me that once i have children this will probably happen as she had a similar thing with hers before kids. The only way to change this would be to go with a moderate profile, or moderate plus, but then i run the risk of them looking flatter. Gah so many problems with having naturally small boobs!

Overall, i do love my boobs. I like that they look natural, and that i can dress them up or down depending on how i’m feeling or what clothes i’m wearing. And the whole being able to go braless whenever i want now i have boobs is amazing. I very rarely wear a bra, just for work usually, whereas pre-BA i would have had cold sweats and panic attacks if i had to wear an outfit where i couldn’t wear a bra!

If you have any more questions you would like answered about my 18 month post op boobs, feel free to email me or leave me a comment, or tweet me… i’m still going with the twitter thing, for now, but i’m not as fond of it as i am of our little community on this site!

Till next time!

Love Always


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