Non-Boob Related Post : Things To Help Motivate You To Work Out

So i thought i would do something a little different for this post. I’m going through a stage where i want to start performing again (i used to be a dancer but stopped about 2 years ago), this means getting my fitness levels back to what they once were. I used to exercise every single day of the week bar weekends, i danced 6 hours a day and was at the peak of my fitness. Now, i exercise probably three times a month… i know, terrible, but walking to and from the fridge counts as exercise right? I got stuck in a rut and stopped going the gym but i’m now trying to get that back, so i thought i would share some tips and tricks i find hep motivate me when i’m feeling a littleeeee bit lazy 😉


Workout Clothes

A lot of people think having nice gym gear is a waste of money and a huge gimmick, but i find that if i buy myself some new running shoes, a cute pair of funky pants, or even something small such as a new water bottle/yoga mat, i am more willing to go the gym because i’m excited to use my new stuff!!



Working out is hard enough when you can’t be bothered, and one of the things i find that gets me seriously motivated, is a good playlist. Fill it with loads of your favourite upbeat tracks, ones you can synchronise your running to, and you’ll find that working out becomes less of a chore and more a mini dance party! Before you know it you’ll have 30 minutes on the treadmill under your belt!!


motivation board

Okay so, I use Pinterest to do this but you can easily do this without: take clippings from your favourite magazines of foods, exercise ideas, nice figures, a ‘goal’ dress, that bikini you’re dying to buy, holiday destinations, anything that will inspire you to get fit! Pinterest is great for this as you can pin articles, recipe ideas, and much more, and I find this really motivates me to get my tush into gear!!



So many people I have spoken to say the exact same thing puts them off going the gym… not knowing what to do once they’re actually there. But an easy way to solve this is to join in with classes, they’re usually taught by personal trainers with heaps of energy and I always find it motivates me so much being in the atmosphere of a class: music on, someone showing me what to do, loads of people motivating each other. It’s so much more fun and a great way to make new friends as well!! I always leave a class feeling great!!



Setting yourself goals is a great way to keep motivated. Try to reset your goals weekly or every fortnight if you can. It might be something simple like “go to the gym three times this week” or “run for 10 minutes on the treadmill”. Once you reach a goal, it feels good, and always Spurs me on to reaching my next one.



I’m not talking the dear diary kind, i’m talking logging your workout in written form – NOT ON YOUR CELL PHONE. This is important. I always find that if i have a journal, with the days of the week displayed in it, and i write down what workout i did, what foods i ate, i always feel more motivated seeing the days fill up, and feel a little guilty about the empty days. A brilliant way to motivate yourself, and keep track of your fitness progress! Try these free downloadable planners from

And there you have it, my 6 tips for getting yo ass motivated! I realise not everyone likes posts like this, but i enjoy writing this kind of post myself 🙂 Let me know if you have any of your own workout motivation tips, you can email me them, tweet me them, or comment below! I love to hear from you guys!!

Love always,


xo2 T:@boobjobjourney

3 thoughts on “Non-Boob Related Post : Things To Help Motivate You To Work Out

  1. Mz. Nichols says:

    I’m seriously addicted to cute gym clothes!!! That’s the highlight of my morning – getting up at 4:30 AM to head to the gym and color coordinating my gym clothes even though no one but my husband is going to see them! You should definitely add to your list! I’m obsessed with their workout tops!

    • R xo says:

      It is sooo addictive isn’t it!! I always feel like it motivates me more if i have a cute outfit haha!! I checked out the link you left and i am in LOVE with it haha! I want soooo many of their shirts! I think next pay day i may place an order haha! thanks for the link!

      • Mz. Nichols says:

        They used to have a promo of Buy 3 Get 1 Free but IDK if that is still going on or not!!! I have the “Squat like Channing Tatum is behind you” and “I workout to relieve stress – just kidding I drink wine!” Totally need to order more! They run big so I order true to size so I can tie them up! 🙂

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