I’m thinking social media isn’t for me…

Okay so it’s only been a day on it, I know…

When I get a gut feeling I’m usually almost always right. And I feel that Twitter may not be the best thing for my blog. Although I’ve seen a huge boost in my stats… I got a lot of referrals from Twitter in the last 24 hours. I just feel as though people on Twitter may not have actual genuine need to go on my blog and the odd one or two may just be going on to see if there is a chance to see some boobs. 

I’ve gained a few followers and they seem to be men, and whilst I am comfortable sharing pictures of my boobs with people genuinely looking for information on boob jobs for their own purposes. I just don’t feel 100% comfortable with people following me on Twitter and then coming to the blog and looking at my boobs for no actual reason other than to see boobs. 

I’m going to leave it for another day or two and see how I feel, but I think the Twitter thing may not be for me. 

What do you guys think? 

Would LOVE to get your opinions on this one!! 


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