Did my boobs seriously look like that… part two

Okay so what fun is a boob job blog with no progress pictures?! I’m always a little bit dubious about putting full frontal boobity pictures up. But nipple censoring has come a long way so I thought the least I could do was show you my boobs again?

Don’t get me wrong my pre-op pancakes weren’t hideously ghastly or anything, but I actually did think at the time they were a little bigger than they are in the photos… I guess that’s what happens after years of trying to convince yourself ‘they’re not that small…

I can’t exactly remember when the pictures where taken. And I know for sure that my final post op appointment pics aren’t there because I was in a different office than in the photos. But I know that it’s three weeks pre-op, roughly four days post op, probably about 10 weeks post op, and then I added my own final picture to show how much they’ve come alone. That was probably about 5 months ago so about 11/12 months post op!

Now. Let’s all stare at my tits shall we…



You can really see the difference in them as the pictures progress. Swelling on my sternum went down dramatically creating a subtle cleavage look which I can play up or play down depending on what the occasion requires 😉

Hopefully this has been insightful to some of you.

As always. Love you all. My stats are booming lately and I can’t thank you all enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️

4 thoughts on “Did my boobs seriously look like that… part two

  1. Katarina says:

    Hey darling, thanks for posting all the info and you look absolutely great! I’m scheduled for my op in September, getting 375cc for my 34b boobs. As you’re my weight and height, I was wondering how you feel with them now that you’re totally recovered. Do they look natural? I am petrified of going too big and looking like a fake Barbie! Also, my fitness is super important for me and I read somewhere that girls were still unable to do pull-ups a year after. What are your experiences? Thanks so much!! Xx

    • R xo says:

      Heyyyy girl 🙂 No problem thanks for reading!! Lovely to receive comments!! Ah thank you, oh you’re like me then yeah! I would say they look completely natural yes, the only time you can tell they’re not is if you feel them, they’re not as soft as natural boobs, and if I put my arms above my head like straight up by my ears but I never do that haha so it’s fine 🙂 I was scared of going too big as well but I’m glad I went to 375 and I have at times considered a larger size, maybe 425cc for my first replacement but that won’t be for a long time haha!! I would say fitness wise I don’t actually do pull ups I couldn’t do them before my BA hahaha but push ups were difficult and still do feel a little strange but i don’t do them often so I think if I did I would probably get used to it and get stronger! I go swimming and everything tho and that’s fine, felt a little odd at first but now I’m used to it it’s completely okay! Hope this helps any more questions don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂 hope you’re super excited for your surgery!! Xxxx

      • Katarina says:

        Thanks so much girl!!! 🙂 major help indeed! I feel a lot better about the size and the working out and now just have to count the days till surgery! Do you find that men and women treat you any differently now? Any regrets? Thanks again darling xx

      • R xo says:

        Hiiii Love! Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you, lifes been crazy! Honestly i found that men that i know, only the select few treated me different, like a few became a bit like ‘can i feel them’, but mostly it was just curiosity, like asking questions about how it worked and the pain and if i feel like they’re mine or feel like they’re stuck to me haha. I would say that women i know… honestly, a few became very bitchy and jealous, but i eventually got over that, i talk about it in depth in this post https://boobjobjourney.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/the-cosmetic-surgery-conundrum-society-sucks/ , i think people kind of thought i was doing it for attention, which obviously was not the case. I had to just learnt to brush it off and not take offence and now i feel a bit sorry for them because its clearly jealousy!
        With regards to having regrets, i would say that i don’t have regrets as such. There are some days where i think, hmm i wish i went a little bigger, not massively, just 50cc or so, but i don’t regret having a boob job at all. A lot of people judged me for it because of my age, but i just thought you know what screw you. It’s my body and if you don’t agree with it then its tough haha!! Are you going for HP? xx

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