Recovery Tips!!!!


Alohaaaaaa. So whilst i prepare ‘did my boobs seriously look like that part two’ i thought i would upload a little post for in between… Recovery Tips!!

As always…

*please note i am not a plastic surgeon or a doctor so please do not take my ‘advice’ as concrete, all things i post are from personal experience and/or views  i encountered from my own personal medical professionals. always consult your surgeon/ a medical professional before taking some of my advice*

The List

1. Take TWO weeks off work/school/life…
Now i know this isn’t always possible for everyone, i’m quite lucky as i get a good amount of holidays in my job, but i know others aren’t quite the same. However, that being said, if you can do it, take two weeks. Not all recoveries are speedy, not everyone recovers the same, so allowing enough time to recover properly and safely is important. I know that for me, with pain and the sickness i was experiencing i needed that second week to feel human again. If you can’t take two, definitely take one – you want your boobs to recover problem free and there’s less chance of complications if you rest up when you’re supposed to!

2. Ice Ice Baby…****
****This is a  big ‘****’ some surgeons do not recommend icing, if this is your case, please always follow the advice of your surgeon!! If he/she says don’t ice… don’t. However if he/she says it’s okay then i would highly recommend it. I iced from the get go. A few hours after surgery a nurse brought me an ice pack wrapped in cloth to help with swelling – i could have actually kissed her. It felt soooo good because, this may not be something you all think but your boobs will be hot hot hot. And not just to look at 😉 My boobs were really warm as well as swollen – stretching skin does that apparently – and the ice really calmed them down and helped soothe them. I used to just rest an ice pack on top of my boobs wrapped in a pillow case – LUSH!!
– side note: ice will also help with your zingers when you get them!! –

3. Get into a routine with your meds***
Again… HUGE ‘***’ only take medications you have okay’ed with your surgeon/ a medical professional! This is just my personal experience. I couldn’t take the prescribed antibiotics as i had an allergic reaction, and for the first four days i relied solely on ice for my pain relief due to throwing up all the time (you see why i love ice so much!) But… when i could finally keep down some pain relief in tablet form, i made sure to take it in a routine… i would take my paracetamol, and then two hours later i would take ibuprofen, this spaced out my pain relief through the day and meant that i was never completely without any pain relief unless i was asleep at which time i was unaware of pain (until the morning boob set in but that’s another post!)

4. Have someone at hand for the first few days post op
Now again this isn’t always possible for people i know, but, i had my mom on hand for the first seven days and honestly i don’t know what i would have done without her. Obviously i was ill and not recovering brilliantly so i did need someone there, but i think even without the throwing up and bad reactions to meds, i would still have needed her now and then. When i first came round i couldn’t even lift my arms off my sides to pick up my phone off my lap table, and i couldn’t lift my arms for at least 4 days. They do advise not to completely stop everything, but i think this is one of the things that you would struggle with if recovering alone. Even if it’s someone who pops in to make you a coffee or a sandwich, if it’s possible i say do it!!

5. Buy a V-Shaped/Pregnancy Pillow
Yeah, seriously. I didn’t actually do this but i did set up my normal pillows in the same shape. If you’re anything like me you will find it difficult to sleep on your back, let alone sitting up, so a V shaped pillow will really help. Stick it on top of two regular pillows and use it as a kind of armchair… a bit like a throne haha!! It will be a serious life saver believe me, and when you want to sleep on your side but it’s not 100% comfortable, its super helpful to support you but still keep you comfy!
Just in case you don’t know what i mean… here’s a picture…

6. Bio Oil
Okay so another one where i recommend checking with your surgeon first, but, i used bio oil on not only my scars but my actual chest skin if that makes sense? Always check with your surgeon about when you can apply it to your scars, as of course they need to be fully healed before you start applying lotions and what not to them! But, i used it on my chest and at first avoided my scars/ kept them covered, and i actually feel like it helped with the skin stretching. It could just be a complete placebo effect, and i just felt like i was doing some good, but i do feel that it was beneficial to my poor stretching skin!! A lot of people recommend starting to use it a month prior to your operation, i didn’t try this but let me know if you did/do!

7. Take pictures
I know, i know, this is the last thing you want to be doing, believe me… i know haha! But it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Its great to look back and stack them up in comparison in months to come, and even early on, taking a picture every day you will notice changes… Whenever i felt like i was having a bit of a boobie blues day, and boy were the a lot for me… i took a look at the pictures i took a day post op/ two days post op, and once i saw the obvious changes to my boobs, i felt better, which leads me to my next point…


Okay so, most importantly of all the tips – be patient with your recovery. I know it’s hard to imagine that your boobs will change when you first see them post-op, but they will. It takes time, and lots of it… i still saw changes in mine for over a year, and sometimes now i think they look different some days, or are dropping more and getting softer, still! So whenever you feel like you’ve got the boobie blues, and it happens to us all. Your body needs time to recover, so if you feel like nothing is happening, just remember, time heals, and you are early in the recovery stages… things will change, don’t fret about the appearance of your boobs in the early days… You look great!!



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