Did my boobs seriously look like that??

Okayyyyyy sooooooo… i don’t know if i mentioned a few posts back but i was curious to see my surgeons ‘Before and After’ photos of me. That is, photos i had taken pre-op, compared to the photos i had taken post-op, compared to the photos i have of myself that i took myself.


Like looking back without seeing proper pictures – i only took a select few, maybe 3? pre-op of my own – i can’t actually believe my boobs really looked like that. Like i always thought that yeah i had tiny boobs but they were kind of perky and okay shaped. Well… let’s just say any images of my old boobs i had in my brain have been thoroughly wiped.

They’re not drastically different to what i remembered, but they’re definitely different. I’ll sort out editing them so there’s not as much nudity and then i’ll try and do a post on them for you guys as i don’t think i’ve uploaded pictures properly of my pre-op boobs.

Exciting? Hopefully haha!!

Also a huge thank you to everyone voting in my poll so far!! Andddddd if you haven’t… get voting girls 😉 – It’s so interesting to see what you guys are considering and i love hearing other peoples point of views!! Don’t forget you can email me on boobjobjourney@outlook.com if you ever have questions but don’t want to post publicly or just want to tell me about your story! I love to hear from you guys!!

Happy Polling!!


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