The Cosmetic Surgery Conundrum – Society Sucks

Don't let the opinions of others define you

Recently i have seen a lot of negativity surrounding cosmetic surgery. Both in the media, and in my every day life… Breast augmentation is the most common form of cosmetic surgery that receives the most criticism i feel… This will probably be a big post so grab a cup of tea and have a read :)….

Why is cosmetic surgery, in this instance, Breast Augmentation/Boob Jobs, looked down on by society?

My own personal views towards cosmetic surgery are quite simple… If someone has the ability to change something they don’t like, why shouldn’t they? If someone doesn’t like their hair, they colour it, if someone has crooked teeth, they get a brace, if someone feels a bit overweight, they go the gym? Yet self improvement in the form of cosmetic surgery is often frowned upon by a huge portion of society. People look at cosmetic surgery as being ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’… which in some respect, yeah… in some procedures it does involve ‘plastic’ (silicone) and in some procedures you are inserting something ‘fake’ into your body. But what’s the big problem?! I’ve read numerous articles by people against cosmetic surgery, experienced a fair few people being judgey over my own choice to have breast implants, yet at the same time: -people everywhere telling women to love themselves -posts on how to contour your face to make it look slimmer -non-cosmetic lip plumping (which seems to be al the rage now) -songs encouraging ‘body positivity’ yet in the next breath slagging off a certain build of women?! -women should empower other women

There are SO many double standards in society it is unreal, and cosmetic surgery seems to be one of the biggest contenders.

A few months ago i stumbled across a video on a YouTube channel i follow. The video was the channel owner explaining how she had gotten a breast augmentation and breast uplift. She was telling us her reasons for doing so, what her experience had been like, and her size (she had gone from a small 32B, so 30A, to a 30E post op). She had gotten surgery for corrective reasons as well as aesthetic reasons; her weight had fluctuated thus affecting her boobs, and she felt under confident. Whenever i watch a video on youtube i often scroll through the comments, and this was no different, upon doing so with this particular video i came across SO many hateful/negative comments. People telling her she was vain, people telling her they were un-subscribing because she had told them to love themselves and then gotten surgery to change herself. This i find absolutely absurd… so you’ll happily watch her videos of her doing makeup tutorials, changing her appearance with makeup, but she changes her breasts because she hates them and feels unconfident with them, and there is uproar.

This goes back to my main point… if someone has the ability to change something they dislike about themself… WHY SHOULDN’T THEY.

You may not agree with their decision, it may not be for you, but seriously, what is the issue? Who are YOU to judge? Is it going to affect your life? Do you know the persons reasons for getting surgery? Do you know how they feel about their body? Do you know what a boost in confidence surgery can give to people? Sure there are people out there who want to go huge, so what!! Who cares?! If they want to have big boobs, that’s their decision, and if it makes them feel body confident, which ultimately is the excuse a lot of people against surgery give for their opinion ‘love the skin you’re in’… if they don’t love the skin they’re in, and breast implants are going to help them do this… shouldn’t you really be saying, hey you know what, you should love your body but if you don’t and this is something that’s going to make you love it, and feel confident, then go for it!! Instead of putting them down and making them feel, in some cases, more self conscious about their body? Surely isn’t this more damaging than the person getting cosmetic surgery to improve their confidence?

I have a friend who isn’t against cosmetic surgery as such, but, when i had my breast implants was extremely ‘opinionated’ towards me and my new boobs for quite a few months afterwards. When i had them done, her first words where ‘hmm they’re pretty big and don’t look good now but the swelling will go down won’t it? I’ve been saying to _____ for months that i thought you would look ridiculous’. Okay, i thought, great, thanks for the boost in confidence!! I let it slide as obviously your boobs don’t look perfect immediately post-op, However, the next few months post op consisted of so many little digs and comments regarding my boobs that eventually it started to affect my own opinion of them. She would say things to me like ‘they’ll never look real’,’yeah you can tell they’re fake, obviously’ ‘they are so hard its horrible’ to making little petty digs when people would mention them or ask me about them. It got to a stage where i started to think to myself – do they really look that fake?? I already felt insecure about my boobs pre-op and in making constant jibes and horrible comments about my new boobs, i started feeling as though everybody was thinking like her…She had, in a way, given me an insecurity about something i had had done to fix an existing insecurity.

I managed to overcome this and we’re still friends, and i now think the main reason for her opinionated remarks was jealousy, however it just made it more clear that some peoples views/opinions on cosmetic surgery really suck. People often react like it in some way affects their lives, when it doesn’t, and some people will go out of their way to make their opinions voiced.

 Exhibit A – The douche bag male who hates anything ‘fake’ – I came across him in the comments section of a lovely ladies video whilst searching youtube for videos of people who had gotten/ were getting boob jobs…

“This is a cosmetic procedure and not remotely corrective, lol. Corrective refers to the function, not the appearance. Pathetic. I always knew your “confidence” was fake. Just like every other vain and vacuous YouTube “B team” celebrity.”     ” She has fake boobs, fake hair, and went under the knife to gain fake confidence. She is the epitome of fake.”       “The prevalence of multi-billion beauty industry, as well as the modern boom of pornography, now means we’re exposed to more body images than ever before and convinced that there is one image that is “right” or attractive. This is why we desire plastic surgery. As a result of direct and indirect manipulation. Don’t buy it. Don’t believe it. There is NOTHING wrong with you. If there is a medical problem or an issue with function, it is understandable to want surgery for your health – such as after a car accident or a tumour. But surgery for vanity and insecurity caused by misogynistic media lies is not only unnecessary but unacceptable. We cannot continue to embrace their lies and fakery.”    “The “corrective” lie is the favourite excuse of the vain and pathetic now.”

Honestly there are so many of this douche bags comments that anger me (there’s at least 50+)  but i’ve selected a small few. Basically, he doesn’t agree with cosmetic surgery because he thinks women should not change themselves and should just be confident in who they are… OH MY GOD… WHAT A REVELATION!!!! I bet nobody with breast implants has ever tried that?! If it was that easy i would have saved myself a fair few grand?! He says a lot of things, mainly that he does not agree with any form of cosmetic surgery unless it is to correct something – ie the function not the appearance. He says that its fakery and lies and its unacceptable.  That we’re vain and pathetic for having cosmetic surgery. He’s such an idiot that i actually rose to it and commented back. But i won’t go on too much… the sad thing is, this douchebag isn’t the only one. Society is full of people like this, who don’t agree with our decisions so therefore result to putting us down and making us ultimately feel worse about certain things, or like what we’re doing is unacceptable and wrong. It isn’t.

If your breasts make you unhappy and you want to change them, do it. Don’t let other peoples negativity alter your choices. Heck if you want any form of cosmetic surgery and others don’t agree with it. Screw them!! It’s your body and if this will make you feel better and more confident, then why shouldn’t you do it.

It’s YOUR choice, don’t let it be anyone else’s.


2 thoughts on “The Cosmetic Surgery Conundrum – Society Sucks

  1. Wheel Heung (@WheelHeung) says:

    Ignore the naysayers. Especially the male ones. If you get a confidence boost then that is all that matters. Truth be told, if penis augmentation was safer and more effective I’d go for it. I’m averagely endowed when erect, but tiny when flaccid. As I’m in a flaccid state most of the time, my psyche informs my all the time that I have a small penis.

    So, all the best to you.

    • R xo says:

      Thanks very much!! I think it’s usually people who are satisfied with their looks or don’t feel the need to change anything who give their negative opinions and try to push their views onto us. Thanks for your comment!!

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