Pre-Op – The Third Step – Size does matter…

Okayyyyy sooooo im back, with installment three of my ‘yourboobjobjourney’ posts. This time its down to the fun stuff… choosing a size!! This is by far the most fun/ trickiest part haha!! Sooooo… as always…

*please note i am not a plastic surgeon or a doctor so please do not take my ‘advice’ as concrete, all things i post are from personal experience and/or views i have gotten off medical professionals. I also live in the UK where things along my own personal boobjobjourney may be slightly different than some of you living in other countries.*

Don’t you just love a disclaimer 😉

Now down to the good stuff. Size. Okay sooo if you read back on some of my very early posts, you will know that choosing a size was not easy for me. Initially, in my very first consultation i tried 325cc sizers, then in my second consultation my surgeon recommended 350cc sizers (i saw a nurse, then a surgeon – see earlier posts). I was initially really happy with 350cc – i had been having doubts about 325cc, was it too small, and would i therefore be unhappy post-op? But… as my surgery date grew closer, i started to doubt the 350cc. I had been constantly searching for people on JBI, the site i have mentioned a dozen times which i LOVE, with 350cc boobs and similar pre-op stats to myself, and i began thinking i wanted to go up in size. Now, this is the tricky part because although i wanted to go up, i still wanted my new boobs to look natural. So i consulted my surgeon. Now, i can’t remember if i’ve mentioned but, my surgeon is one of the best in the UK for natural looking breast implants, and from personal experience i can 100%, whole heartedly agree with this. My breasts look super super natural, and the only way you can tell they aren’t is 1) if you know 2) if i put my arms above my head, rarely haha or 3) If i am topless and you are stood at the side of me, i don’t have a prominent crease under my breast. But these three things rarely happen, and other than these occasions, you cannot tell i have implants.

So when i spoke to my surgeon i said i was considering 375cc instead of 350cc, he listened to my reasoning, explained that the bigger i went the less natural they would look and if i still wanted to keep natural then i should consider this when considering upgrading sizes.

So… I chose to upgrade to 375cc, a decision i do not regret one bit. It was definitely the right decision for myself, and i think had i not upgraded, although it was a small amount, i would have always regretted it. That being said… when you go to your consultation, the one thing i would say is don’t go into this with unrealistic expectations. If you have small boobs, which you probably do if you’re considering a BA, then you have to understand that there may be certain limitations for you size wise. Now this isn’t to say that if your dream of one day having Pamela Anderson esque huge tatas, you will never have them, you may just have to do it in a few steps rather than straight away.

When you are selecting a size, its really handy to have pictures of how you would like your breasts to turn out… again though… don’t have unrealistic expectations that yours will be exactly like the pictures you see online. I think this is the one thing that i can’t stress enough and i feel that many people do tend to do this. I know that in some ways i did and post op i have been a little… not disheartened, but i just wasn’t expecting that my boobs wouldn’t look a certain way? I always thought that as soon as i got a boob job my boobs would have a deep crease, and like ‘sag’… i can never explain this properly to anyone… in an attractive way. And they dont… i’ll try and draw a picture of what i mean haha!! I mean it isn’t a deal breaker and i’m told that this can come with time, and especially with pregnancy and breast implants so who knows!! Maybe one day!!

When you explain to your surgeon the kind of size you would like… make sure it’s what YOU want, and that you’re happy with it as well as your surgeon. Don’t be afraid to say you would like to go bigger if you feel the size they recommend is too small, hey don’t be afraid to go smaller if that’s what you want!! This is a big decision, you’re likely spending a buck load of your hard earned cash on these babies, so make sure you’re happy. If you feel like after your consultation, don’t hesitate to speak to your surgeon! After all… YOU are paying for it, it’s YOUR body and at the end of the day they are ultimately there to do the job YOU want them to do, not their choice.

Anddddddd lastly… another extremely important thing to remember when choosing a size… don’t compare yourself to other people. This kind of ties to the ‘don’t have unrealistic expectations of looking like the photos of others’. Every single one of us has a different body. So it’s super important to remember that if you start looking at pictures of people’s post op breasts, who have the size implant you’re going for/considering, your breasts will not look the same. Sure they may be similar, but at the same time, they might look completely different. Lots of factors attribute to this, height, weight, body type, bone structure… and a 375cc on someone who is 5 foot 9 and 130llbs (me) will look completely different on someones who is 5 foot on the dot and 130llbs. So when you’re looking up sizes, i spent wayyyyy too long doing this and ultimately changed my size because of doing so, be sure to look for people with similar stats to yourself, but at the same time don’t get too fixated on your boobs looking the exact same because chances are they’ll be a little bit different 🙂

Hopefully i haven’t waffled too much, and i know this isn’t my most well written piece of writing on this blog to date, but for a first post back after two months off i’m hoping it doesn’t sound like an 8 year olds english writing assignment haha!!

I’m hopefully getting back into the swing of things, i see the stats booming lately and it really does spur me on to get my ass into gear and keep on top of things!
Love, as always, to each and every person reading my blog.

You guys ROCK


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