Pre BA – Step Two…


So the second post in my series of my ‘your boobjobjourney’ posts… I feel sometimes it isn’t exactly explained well what to expect, and there are so many different sites that tell you different things so i have decided to do a little post on each aspect of your boobjobjourney to see if i can assist in any way 🙂

*please note that i live in the UK so certain aspects of the process may differ slightly for you if you live in another country*

The Second Step – Booking Your Consultation…
So you made the first step. Well done, as my last post explains, not as easy a step as people think, but now that you’ve made the decision to have a breast augmentation, where do you go from here?
The next step in your journey is to book a consultation. This act in itself isn’t tricky, many cosmetic surgery companies have websites on which they will usually offer a ‘we’ll call you’ service where you leave your details and they will ring you to discuss your options. In my case i requested some brochures first, they arrived in the post within a few days and i browsed through them then decided to book a consultation.
The tricky part is deciding which company to go with. I live in the UK, and plastic surgery isn’t massively common where i live, so with that being said i decided i wanted to go with a well known, reputable company, even if it meant paying a little bit more. There are so many companies out there who may offer you the same procedure for half the cost, but personally, i have to ask – how can they afford to charge half the price; usually by not having the same standard of quality as the companies who charge a little more. This may not always be the way, but in my case i couldn’t be happier that i paid a little more as i feel it was 100% worth the extra cash.
I actually know someone who had surgery a few months before me who paid literally half of what i did. I paid £4500 for my surgery which is around $6900. This girl i knew paid £2500/$3800, and was gobsmacked that i had paid so much more than her, but when i got talking to her and discussing what her price included, what her surgeon was like, what her surgery process was, it became apparent as to why she paid less. She had paid for a ‘bargain’ and what she got was a ‘bargain’ standard surgery…
She didn’t like her surgeon, he didn’t advise her well on her size choice and she barely received any after care. She ended up with boobs she feels are way smaller than what she had hoped and asked for, one boob is disproportionate to the other one, her scars are nowhere near as neat as they should be, and she had her surgery in the very place she had her consultation in. (I understand in the US this is actually pretty common but my personal preference would be to have it in a hospital, which i did). She had her surgery at 9am and was being driven home at 2pm. The first 24 hours after a surgery are crucial, and i would not have wanted to be at home, away from nurses/doctors/my surgeon, should there have been any complications during the first 24 hours. I will do another post on my actual surgery procedure as part of the ‘your boobjobjourney’ collection.

The best advice i can give on choosing your clinic is to make sure you are 100% comfortable with them and have done your research. But at the same time, don’t do too much? It’s all well and good being armed with facts/opinions but it can actually hinder your process as you may become fixated with a size that just isn’t feasible right now for you, or that your surgeon may not be comfortable in doing, and may see this as a sign of a bad surgeon. In my personal opinion and experience this is such a good thing. If your surgeon really knows his stuff and wants the best outcome for your breats, he will have limits. My surgeon is renowned for specialising in natural looking breast implants, so if i had gone to my clinic and said i want the fake look and no less than 600cc, they would have recommended someone else as it just wasn’t feasible for me with the breasts that i had. This is something you must take into consideration. Again i will do another post in this collection about CC Size at a later date 🙂

When choosing your clinic, it is super important make sure that you feel like you have been properly informed and given the best advice by whoever your consultation is with. My personal consultation experience only made me more determined to go ahead with the procedure, however i have heard many a case where the consultation has made them feel uneasy rather than at ease over the whole thing. I had my consultation with a nurse at the clinic and she was honestly one of the nicest people. Everyone i encountered at my clinic were the nicest, most genuinely caring people, from my surgeon, the team of nurses who cared for me at some point in my journey, the team on the helpline phones, right down to the team on reception. I felt as though i developed a friendship with them which was such a nice, calming thing for me as if you read my posts pre-surgery i was a nervous wreck at some points. For me, this was the deal sealer for me choosing this clinic.

My consultation process was very informative and, as i have previously said, i came out more determined to get my boobs done than ever!! When i went into the clinic i had to fill out some forms, then i was taken into the consultation room. I sat down and my nurse introduced herself and asked me a few questions to get to know me and why i wanted to enlarge my breasts/ if it was something i had thought about for a long time etc. I then told her what my expectations were for my surgery – i wanted big-ish boobs, but to still look natural and it not to be obvious that i had fake boobs. She then advised me on what size she thought would achieve this and i tried some implants in a sports bra provided by the nurse. She showed me some smaller implants – under 300cc, i think i tried a 275/295 i forget, and then said she personally thought i could go a little bigger and still achieve a natural look. She tried me with the 325cc sizer and i was in complete agreement with her that this was a great size on me. Taller people tend to be able to hold a lot more CC than shorter people, we actually are known for eating up CC so in someone of my height it may take more cc to get to your desired look than someone 8 inches shorter.

She then went through the process with me, explained the surgery, and recommended my surgeon (Harley Medical have lots of surgeons all over the country). The most comforting thing for me was that she herself had had her own boobs done by the surgeon she recommended and she looked brilliant. This only made me feel more confident that he would do a great job. I know in the states your consultation may be with your surgeon, but again this is my personal experience and not everyone’s is the same 🙂 I hope this post has been helpful to  you and i have more coming in the collection. I feel as though its helpful to hear about the procedure in different detailed steps rather than to just say you have a consultation, you meet your surgeon, you get your boobs – done.

Till next time…


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