Home Decor – Vintage Bedroom – Accessories

Another non-boob related post, i hope you don’t mind them!! I’ll try to keep them off the homepage i think that’s probably the best thing, but will just put a little note up to say i’ve done a new post and the link to check it out!

This time its a homey post. More specifically bedroom decor…

My bedroom is a pale gold colour, with a country vintage feel to it. I have country style furniture and lots of accessories… I absolutely love to buy accessories – so i thought i would share a few of them with you…

Roses            sign

Both the sign and the roses – which are fake – were gifts from my mom, i LOVE the pink roses, they inject colour into my room, and i’m a sucker for little sayings like this one ❤

dressing table

This is one of my favourite little accessory corners in my room. The mirror is just gorgeous, it’s actually vintage and was a gift off an Aunt who had been given it a long time ago, and i absolutely LOVE my perfumes as accesories. The colour in each of the bottles is a sort of pastel peach colour and it looks so nice against my walls.


The brush holder is actually an old Yankee Candle that i cleaned out and delabelled to store things in. I’m actually waiting for some ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar for a finishing touch! I may do a post about how i emptied my candle as i actually reused the leftover wax and made a small candle from it! Very thrifty!!

dressing table 2

The birdcage is actually a lamp from a UK store called Homebase, i got it on sale for about £15.99 which is around $24. I don’t use it as a lamp as the shadows from it annoy me, but it makes a great necklace stand and decorative addition to my room. The candle is a supermarkets own brand and smells like Cinnamon, one of my favourite things!

jewellery box

This jewellery box is probably my favourite accessory in my whole room. It actually has my name engraved on it in the little diamond, which i think is why i love it so much. I got it online but it looks so vintage and like its been passed down to me. The detail is amazing, and if i can remember the site i will link it at a later date!

bed lights

And finally… my fairy lights. Every loves fairy lights, and i draped mine across the headboard on my bed. They really finish off the room and i just love them! They’re little white roses and they were super easy to put up – i just taped/tac-d the wire to the headboard, and they’re battery powered which is great as it means i don’t have to take up a plug to use them! They were also super cheap around £4.99 for a string of  15/16 roses, which works out at about 7 or 8 dollars. They were from http://www.lights4fun.co.uk who have lots of gorgeous vintage/girly styles of fairy lights.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this post… i LOVE posts like this personally, but i know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea – especially if you’ve come to solely read about my boobs, but hey. I have a few boobie themed posts planned, never fear the boob posts are still here haha, and i will be uploading them throughout the course of the next week or so. In the meantime if you have any questions / posts you would like to see, as always feel free to leave a comment or you can now send me an email at : boobjobjourney@outlook.com as i know some people may not want to create a wordpress account just to comment, or may want to remain anonymous 🙂

Till next time…


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