Pre-BA – The First Step…

This post is going to be more focused towards people considering a breast augmentation, who may just be at the start of their boobjobjourney, unsure as to what to expect, and looking for some guidance or advice….

*please note i am not a plastic surgeon or a doctor so please do not take my ‘advice’ as concrete, all things i post are from personal experience and/or views of medical professionals.*

The First Step…
The first step in your boobjobjourney is making the decision to have a breast augmentation. Be it for medical reasons or personal reasons, this first step takes a lot of courage and many people do not understand how big a decision this can be for people. When i decided to get a boob job it was for ‘cosmetic’ reasons, and it wasn’t an instant decision. I had thought about it constantly since i was around 15 and had come to terms with the fact that my girls just weren’t growing. I had been unhappy with my breasts my whole teenage life and every year when i went on holiday i would absolutely dread getting in a bikini. Sure i was slim and toned, but i would spend literally months before a holiday scouring the internet for extra padded bikinis. I would spend a fortune on bikini tops that claimed to ‘increase your bust up to 2 cup sizes’, and would still feel embarrassed when i got to the pool. I never let it show how self-concious i felt, but inside i was paranoid. In cute tight vest tops i felt boyish, i could never dream of wearing a dress or a top which required no bra, and i started to feel self concious in front of my boyfriend and eventually started keeping my bra on at all times. He of course wasn’t and still isn’t phased by my breast size, big or small, he wasn’t bothered. But i was. I felt like it was genuinely starting to really annoy me and get me down, this is often the thing people who don’t agree with plastic surgery/ don’t understand it, have a problem understanding. It can affect your life. It may be superficial or silly to others but most of you reading this will know how it feels. So in the September of 2013 when i had finished my dance training, i decided to take the plunge and do something about my boobs. I was 21. The average age for a boob job is supposedly 33, which puts me quite a fair bit under it. I told only a select few  people to begin with, probably around 10 friends after my close family knew, and one of the main things people said to me was ‘don’t you think you should wait until you’re a bit older?’. Now i have absolutely nothing against people who do, each to their own, but for me personally, all i could think was, what’s the point in that? I have spoken to so many women on JBI who have said they wish they had had the courage or the means to get their BA at my age but had to wait until they were older/ in a better position/ had the courage. I wanted to really get the chance to enjoy my new boobs. I didn’t want to wait until i was older and couldn’t show them off the way i can now. Now a lot of people will say that’s really vain and possibly immature, but i’m not saying i go round with my tits out 24/7. I haven’t changed the way i dress… except maybe a few backless dresses have found their way into my wardrobe, i don’t know how…honest… and maybe i now have the confidence to wear a v neck top because my boobs look good in them, but i wanted to be able to fully appreciate them, while i’m young enough to do it.
I was in a financially stable position to do it, it was something i knew i wanted 100%, and i can honestly say that it’s a decision i don’t regret, not even 0.0000001%. It is honestly one of the greatest things i’ve done so far.
My confidence sky rocketed, i am able to wear the clothes i want, i no longer feel like a little boy when i remove my bra at the end of the day, i feel sexy in front of my boyfriend again, and i can honestly say i feel like i am a happier person because of all this.
People who don’t agree with plastic surgery don’t understand how much it can affect you, and tell you to ‘love the skin you’re in’ or ‘love what you got given’. Wouldn’t that be great eh? If we could just switch off our body issues. We can’t, and if someone has the option/ability to change something about themselves that’s making them unhappy or bugs them. Then why the hell not? If you’re not happy with your boobs, maybe they’re small, maybe you want an uplift, maybe you have a medical reason for wanting implants. Whatever reason your boobs make you unhappy for… change them, book the consultation and see how you feel after it. I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out of it feeling more determined than ever.

I know i did, and i’ve never looked back…


2 thoughts on “Pre-BA – The First Step…

  1. La'tice says:


    I’ve just been for a consultation and I’m hoping to use the same surgeon as you. I was hoping to find out how the scarring has come along? That’s my biggest fear about the surgery, did you use anything to assist the scarring and it faded completely or still visible?

    Thanks xx

    • R xo says:

      Oh amazing I love hearing about other girls using the same surgeon as me!
      My scarring is barely visible now! They’re light in colour… basically my skin colour, and you can hardly notice them! I’ll take some updated photos and upload them tonight or tomorrow for you so you can see! I didn’t use anything continuously. I used bio oil for a few months once Dr Sleiter gave me the okay and I moisturise every day! Xx

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