Do you wanna see some pictures…

Hopefully cos that’s what I’m posting here 😁

I’ve stacked a few pictures into collages and they go from 4 or so weeks post op to New Years 2014 so basically the first 12 months of my journey, starting from top left to top right and going down left to right in date order… Confusing eh!!

My boobs literally look different in different tops, different bras, different positions, it’s crazy. Some days i will absolutely love the way they look and some days i feel they can look average size. I went through a phase where i thought they just looked like my old boobs but in a push up bra, but i recently saw photos of myself in a crop top costume with a padded bra on and well… they look mahoosive in comparison haha!!

But anyways here goes. Here’s my boob journey!! I cant remember the dates some of the pictures were taken but i’ll give it a go…


Top Left – End of Feb ’14 – no padding still sore   Top Right – May maybe – slight padding
Middle Left – June ’14 – slight padding                    Middle Right – July ’14 – no padding
Bottom Left – August ’14 – no padding                    Bottom Right – August ’14 – no padding


Top Left – August ’14 – no padding                         Top Right – September ’14 – no padding
Middle Left – October ’14 – slight padding             Middle Right – November ’14 – padding
Bottom Left – December ’14 – slight padding        Bottom Right – December ’14 no padding

I really love my boobs when they’re in a lightly padded bra, i think i tend to go for lightly padded ones because all the bras in my size (30FF) are like granny bras with no plunging neckline or anything, so i tend to wear a 34E with a small amount of padding and this just pulls them together in a nice way, i feel anyway 🙂

I’ll get round to taking some good bra-less ones with my nipples covered again haha but for now i thought this is nice 🙂


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