Post-Surgery Sports Bras – Shock Absorber

Goooood Morning, day one of being productive with my blog starts with a post about post surgery bras, yeppp this is gonna be exciting gals… no but seriously, i actually did find it exciting going into the shop and purchasing a sports bra that didn’t resemble a pre-teen crop top, just small enough to house my tiny bee stings.
Now, it’s impossible to know what size you will come out after surgery, everybody is different and it’s highly unlikely that the size sports bra you buy will be the size you actually are. I bought a 34DD sports bra, and i now measure a 30FF (yep a serious case of wearing the wrong bra size, but they were non-existent pre-surgery so who cared!). My surgeon never measured my band size, as in around my chest/rib cage, so as i had said i wore a 34A bra pre-surgery he advised a 34DD sports bra based on my band size and my implant size.
This size actually turned out to fit pretty well in the cups, i just had to make sure i wore it on the tightest set of hooks so it didn’t ride up my back huge amounts. I know so many people will be reading this with shocked faces at how i wore the completely wrong bra size for so long, but like i said i was never bothered because pre-surgery my boobs didn’t even need a bra, and well let’s face it we’re all guilty of it 😉

The sports bra i bought was a shock absorber, supposedly some of the best on the market for support, and i have to agree, this definitely supported me well and was, for me, the perfect bra to support my new additions. The one i bought was a pretty basic one. Fastened at the back, most people will know but NO over the head sports bras for post surgery recovery, it must be either front fastening or back fastening. Many people go with front fastening as it’s more comfortable to undo when you’re recovering but i struggled to find one in the UK and this one did the job perfectly anyways. I went for the Active Classic Support Sports Bra in black. It kept my tatas in place, had zero padding, offered great support, and was most importantly comfortable! Nobody wants to be in pain and getting grief from your bra at the same time.

Another  great shock absorber Sports Bra is the front zip fastening sports bra. Its supportive like the Active Classic, but fastens at the front for those of you who prefer the convenience of that. Its made from a light breathable material which believe me you want. My boobs were scorching hot for days post surgery, and i would have HATED to have a huge thick sports bra on over the top of them. It’s also available with a funky Lime Green trim or pink for you girly girls 🙂

A new one from shock absorber that i love but haven’t purchased, yet, is their D+ sports bra. Now usually i hate D+ ranges in things as they always make them so granny looking, as if women with bigger boobs don’t want to look sexy they solely want support and practicality, yeah right. However, this is a great sports bra for post surgery as its a fuller coverage bra which is great for support, and will result in no overspill of your tatas at the top.It’s also available up to an H cup which for me is exactly what i need as i constantly have to buy sister sizes in sports bras. Brilliant bra which i will be purchasing next pay day for my re-joining of the gym… wish me luck!!

I did buy the Active Multi Sports Support bra from Shock Absorber but this has a double set of hook and eye fastenings at the back, one normal bra style, and another higher up which i found hurt me a little the first few weeks post op so i stuck to my other shock absorbers. I have since started wearing this to the gym and i just leave the top clips unfastened as it’s not the most comfortable when they’re done up.

I’m not going to go on and on because i feel this post has already exceeded a readable length, sorry i like to be thorough 🙂 but here are a few more sports bras i would recommend for post surgery:

Of all the sports bras i have bought, the shock absorbers are definitely my favourites, they’re super supportive, look nice, and don’t break the bank which is always a winner.

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