Hiiii, it’s been a while…

im back

Aloha. Ciao. Bonjour. Hola. Hiyaaaaaa

I haven’t posted in SO long. I did have big plans for the last few months for the blog, and a folder in my ‘notes’ on my phone of ideas for different posts i thought people might like to see, but i had a bereavement and times have been tough the last few months so for that i apologise.

I know i’m not the best at blogging anyway, and that my most relevant posts for people getting a boob job are probably at the beginning anyways, but it’s always nice when i log on and i see in my stats that people still visit my site every day, so i feel like i should update it more than i do!

Like i said in my last blog post… wayyyyyy back in October, i have a post planned about society and cosmetic surgery, so that will be coming soon, and i want to update my photos. It’s been almost 13 months since i had my surgery, time flies, and i want to do a post where you can see side by side comparisons of various different stages of recovery and the changes. Also i think it’s always fun to see before and afters, and i think the last photos i uploaded of my boobs were taken in April, and weren’t great ones!! So i will definitely update with new photos in the next couple of weeks 🙂

I am again going to try and promise to myself that i will update the site more, it means a lot that people still read, and i hope that i can help even just one of you in your journey.

Speak soon!!


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