8 Month Check Up…

Alohaaaaa!! So i actually had this two weeks ago but i forgot to post about it, its been a pretty hectic few weeks for me!! Butttt….. here is the updates…

So leading up to the check up i had a few questions to ask him. I think i’ve mentioned my boobie greed, which admittedly has calmed down drastically since not logging on to JBI as often. Don’t get me wrong i LOVE the site, and i have days were i will spend a good few hours on it browsing topics, answering topics, giving my input, checking in with friends, however, i find that it does make my boobie greed worse haha! So i banned myself from it for a few weeks and now i check in once or twice a month 🙂
I do still have boobie greed, i still think i will eventually go bigger, not drastically, just 50cc or so? I don’t know… maybe by the time it actually comes round to doing it i might have had babies and my tatas may be bigger anyway! Who knows!! But yes the boobie greed is still there a tiny bit. I did mention to him about maybe wishing i had gone a teeny bit bigger and he said, but you look very natural now, if you had gone up you may have risked it looking un-natural, which i guess for some reason i totally haven’t even considered when thinking of going bigger since my BA, so that has curbed my thoughts of another surgery thus far. Maybe in the future, in 5 or so years, we will see!!

Secondly… I had a lot of questions about dropping, am i done? Will they never drop properly? Is the profile i got too high to drop fully, did i not have enough breast tissue for them to drop normally… it goes on and on, his answer was i am still changing. I guess 8 months feels like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t, and i will continue to change for up to 12 months. So maybe they will maybe they won’t. I can see a difference in them the past month which i had stopped seeing up until now, so that’s promising?!

My scars… will i always have to cover them up in the sun… No. I’m done with that now, i can sunbathe topless and not worry about my scars turning a deep red colour… they’re fading more and more every month which is fantastic. I still don’t have all the feeling back in the bottom half of my breasts, but it’s slowly coming back… i get the odd itch there every few days and that’s apparently tissue reconnecting so who knows maybe it will all come back. It’s not a huge issue and not something i’m bothered about either way.

Anddddd i had some new photos taken, i kind of wish i had asked to see my photos from just after my operation but i forgot and it’s done now haha!

And then i got discharged. So i’m officially done!! Kind of scary, but they said any problems at all, any worries, anything and i can give them a ring, be it in ten days, months, years, they will always be there if i need them, which is very reassuring!!

So yeah, thats my 8 month update, i might take some photos when i get home from work to update the blog, as i can’t really remember the last time i posted photos!! But i keep getting site traffic so people are obviously still reading 😀

Which is great by the way, a huge compliment as i never thought anyone would listen to me rabbiting on about my boobs hahaha!!

Speak soon… i’m in the middle of writing a HUGE post about cosmetic surgery and society, it’s gonna be bigggg and full of links and such and information. I’m very excited about it but it’s taking a while 🙂


Until next time!


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