I know my blog isn’t super mega popular, but the stats say that im getting bewteen 30-50 people on a day, whether you’re returning readers looking for updates (i’m sorry i know :()if you just found my blog and are considering getting breast implants, or even if you are just curious… you’re all welcome 😀

I know that i have always been curious about breast augmentation surgery, and i know since getting my implants a lot of people i know find it fascinating and are so interested to hear about it all… with that being said i thought maybe a question and answer post might be a nice idea? I mean i might get zero replies on this which is fine too, but i just figured that sometimes i forget to include things in my posts, or maybe you’re reading and have a burning question, or you want to ask something that i’ve not mentioned before, it’s always interesting to hear what other people want to know… i know that my friends at home ask a lot of questions about my boobs, and i thought this way you can ask if you want to 😀

So yeah… if you want to ask me a question, it can be anything i promise to be honest, leave me a little comment and when i get enough, if i get any at all haha, i’lll compile a little post containing all the questions and my truthful answers 😀

❤ xoxo

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